Man arrested for brandishing a knife in SLO

December 31, 2013
John Ensor

John Ensor

San Luis Obispo police arrested a 41-year-old man for brandishing a knife during an altercation on Monday near the intersection of Higuera and Chorro streets.

Shortly after 7 p.m., an off-duty officer saw John Ensor of Bakersfield arguing with several males. The officer said Ensor held a knife over his head in a threatening manner.

After the officer drew his gun and identified himself, Ensor threw the knife on the ground and fled the scene. He was later discovered in a parking lot and arrested.

Officers booked Ensor into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a brandishing charge.


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Is it illegal to brandish a knife in self defense? The article doesn’t say why he brandished, so I will reserve judgement until those details become available.

1) It is illegal to care some concealed knives, I’m not sure of the rules since all I carry are my keys, with which I will poke your eyes out if necessary, 2) If in such situation the arrival of a law enforcement officer would be a relief and I would be pointing out my assailant to him.

1) In California, a fixed-blade knife with a blade length equal to or longer than 4″ must be worn from the belt in a sheath and identifiable as a knife. In the City of San Luis Obispo, it is illegal to be in possession of any knife equal to or longer than 3″ unless it is being carried in good faith for use in one’s lawful occupation or employment or for the purpose of lawful recreation. Cal Poly goes further to restrict the blade length to 2″ and let’s not even mention the federal facilities in our sleepy little town.

2) How long do you think it’s going to take law enforcement to get to you if you’re being attacked? Chances are, you won’t have time to reach for your keys, that alone your cell phone to call 911, which goes to CHP dispatch, whom you will explain your plight to, whom will then forward you to SLOPD dispatch, whom you will again have to explain your situation and location to, whom will then put out a call over the air to a (hopefully) available officer whom will then drive / bicycle / walk to your location. And your attacker is going to do what; just wait around for your help to arrive?

Be Prepared.

“When seconds count, law enforcement is only minutes away.”

Is this the same guy or are there two John Ensors from Bakersfield who bear at least a passing resemblance to each other?

A pharmaceutical salesman doesn’t seem like the likely candidate to be pulling a knife.

Why not? They’re so viciously corrupt in their legal line of work.

There is only 1 person named John Ensor living in Bakersfield. And he has been heading down this road for many years.

Could it be the group was threatening him? Guess that’s what trials are for.

Good for him, he will start the new year having made a good choice and will go home in a car not a box.

Yes. Because a group of men attacking 1 man is very typical of San Luis Obispo on New Year’s Eve.