Woman struck by Capps’ aid is dead

December 12, 2013
Mallory Dies

Mallory Dies

The Santa Barbara women struck by an alleged DUI driver died Wednesday from injuries she suffered more than five days earlier.

The family of Mallory Rae Dies, 27, had life support turned off and Dies was pronounced dead at 3:15 p.m.

Shortly afterwards, the Santa Barbara District Attorney refilled charges against Raymond Victor Morua who is now accused of murder. He faces 15 years to life in prison.

Morua, 32, left a holiday party, allegedly struck Dies, drove away and crashed into a palm tree. Morua had a blood alcohol level of .17 at the scene of his arrest.

Morua had two previous DUI arrests, a conviction for grand theft by embezzlement and a prior hit and run.

On Monday, Rep. Lois Capps fired Morua from his job as her district representative.

“This senseless and avoidable tragedy is one that all of us in the Santa Barbara community will struggle with for a long time,” Capps said in a statement released Wednesday. “I know firsthand what it feels like to lose a child. That anguish is something that no parent should face.

“My prayers are with her parents and all those who mourn today. I wish her, her family, and her friends’ peace.”


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This is clearly not Capp’s fault. However, was this guy on some sort of intervention program. He clearly has a problem and a criminal record longer than my arm. He should have been encouraged or required to be on some sort of program. Hopefully this guy will be behind bars until he is too old to drive. There is no way Capps will try and get him off. If he worked for Hill or Marx or Gibson now that would be a different matter altogether. He would already be on paid leave and would stay on it until he was released from prison.

Was anyone else offended by the headline. The woman…… is dead..The article was factual but i think the headline was ” out of line”. Not that it matters but this is a horrible thing and the headline is in my opinion quite yellow and not appropriate for the occasion.

I wasn’t offended. There is no nice way to report such a tragedy.

Bottom line, the guy is a drunk.

He’s too old for a babysitter, he

couldn’t take care of his problem.

Get him off the streets for good,

before he kills again.

Lois Capps could run her dog in the next election. As long as the dog had a D after his or her name she or he would be the next representative for the district. Frankly, it is likely the dog would be equally as effective as Lois who’s sole claim to fame in all the years the lemmings have elected her is her support for tattoo removal for gang bangers.

I disagree. Lois Capps’ hot-button issues are related to health care, especially for senior citizens. She is very effective in her advocacy for health care, and her staff is always johnny-on-the-spot if you call them with an issue or problem.

When I sent complaints of senior abuse done to my mother to lois Capps.. This man Raymond Victor Morua answered all my complaints I sent her.Then I saw she was in bed with all the people in the complaints.. She is connected to the good old boys network here and SB..

How in any way is this Capp’s fault? Did SHE decide to drink and drive? Did SHE hit and kill this young woman? Did SHE leave the scene? Does SHE have prior DUI and other related convictions?

This is clearly an attempt to find her somehow guilty by association given her sometime controversial political role.

It doesn’t matter WHO this idiot worked for, HE, and HE alone is responsible for his alleged behavior that led to this tragedy.

I for one am glad he’s being charged with murder.

First of all, nice pic Lois: “Morua had two previous DUI arrests, a conviction for grand theft by embezzlement and a prior hit and run.”

Second of all, why was he fired? Isn’t he innocent until convicted?

Stay home Lois; we really don’t need your leadership any more.

Innocent until convicted? People get fired everyday for all kinds of things. She wouldn’t have to wait for that in this instance. She isn’t prosecuting him, she is firing him. And if she didn’t fire him, everybody would be upset with that. Here is the problem with politics. We all sit and whine about what we want from our Reps and then we put them in a damn if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Not sure if they are the problem or we are the problem?


Speak for yourself. I think highly of Lois Capps, as do (obviously) a majority of her voting constituents.

A very tragic event for all involved and a very disturbing reality check. It might be a good idea to fire any public representative with a unsavory legacy.

The public certainly does not walk on water but our leadership should atleast set an example by not employing high risk. That level of discrimination should not only be allowable, it should be expected.

I agree on standards but again I would like to know, did she or didn’t she know ahead of time?? We don’t know.

Capps admitted that they don’t do background criminal checks on who they hire, and will look into changing that policy.

Both she and her husband Walter were hit by a drunk driver and Walter suffered serious injuries before Walter’s election, yet in two cases Lois was soft on drunk drivers:

” In 2002, she voted against a bill that would have it illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol at land border ports of entry. The bill would have allowed the Immigration and Naturalization Service to test drivers for drugs and alcohol if they are suspected of driving under the influence.

In 2012 Capps also worked to help a Guatemalan illegal immigrant at the University of California-Santa Barbara stay in the country after she was arrested and convicted of driving under the influence”.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/11/aide-to-drunk-driving-friendly-house-democrat-kills-woman-in-drunk-driving-accident/#ixzz2nJNjyZhD

Sorry to hear this and condolences to the family. Going back to what I said a few days ago, again I don’t hold Capps responsible for this, I put the BLAME right where it needs to be on Mr. Morua. He was the one that made all the choices. Capps is nothing more than his employer. Once more don’t get this confused that I like Capps, I DESPISE the woman but fair is fair and I don’t see how she is responsible for this. And save me the blather that she hired him. So do we start to legislate that all employers are responsible for their employees actions 24/7??? She just may not know what his past was. People lie on job apps all the time.

What I can’t believe is I’m defending a woman I don’t really care for.

“Morua had two previous DUI arrests, a conviction for grand theft by embezzlement and a prior hit and run.”

Not responsible?

Him yes, more than responsible, Capps? I don’t know what she did or didn’t know. Do you??

I know this, as an employer I demand background checks on new hires. But to be fair, I have a fully developed frontal lobe.

Yes background checks help but again do you know if this was done here? A lot of jobs don’t and people lie on apps, so I’m not sure without being part of that process to hire the gentlemen.

A Representative has a staff of 14. This is a low level position. Did Capps hire him or did her Chief of Staff or someone lower?

Guldurned whiteaya to not blame Capps. A real standup guy.


Been there done that,

Thanks for your comments, you know how to think before posting a comment. You don’t like Capps and yet you can see she did not serve him the drinks at her home, then hand him the car keys and tell him to drive safely She was an employers, not a care giver.

I have never had an employer ask me if I had ever had any DUI’s, which I had 35 years ago. Do I have a drinking problem or any thing close to that. I am not sure legally she can ask those questions.

It is a shame what has happened here, and it was Mr Morua who made those decisions and will have to live with them. I sure hope he gets more than 15 years mostly if he has in fact gotten another hit and run in his past. If he had had prior hit and run and DUI’s why was he even allowed to have a license. I think that shows some habitual driving habits that are not in the best interest to the rest of us on the road. It is a privilege and not a right to drive.

To the family I wish you peace in this time of sorrow, I am so sorry you had to lose a family member, mostly this time of year.

THANK YOU!!! Glad some here get it. What the man did is deplorable but yes how does that implicate Capps? Because she employed him? It wouldn’t have mattered if Capps had or hadn’t employed this guy, odds are that from past behavior this could happen again and could have been on anyone’s watch. If a person doesn’t like Capps (like myself) be honest about it and make a better argument to get rid of her but all I see here of the people speaking out against Capps is partisan politics which I despise on either side.

I have been honest that I didn’t vote for her, so will anyone else that has spoken out against Capps in this instance state if they did or didn’t vote for her here?? I bet everyone here against what just happened and want her out, didn’t vote for her. I still can’t believe I would EVER find myself in the woman’s corner but fair is fair!!!!

Defending someone you don’t like indicates someone who stands on principles and doesn’t base their opinion on who the person is but, rather, on the issues involved in the discussion.

It is always great to encounter ethics on posting boards, and I’m glad you are posting here.

Thank you. I am humbled by your response

Likely … very likely … Morua was representing Capps at the Santa Barbara Independent party that evening … on her expense account.

A very poor choice for employment in a high visibility job.