KCOY and KEYT merger brings changes

January 13, 2014

kcoy1Viewers are already noting some changes because of the merger of KEYT and KCOY in December.

News-Press & Gazette purchased KEYT in Nov. 2012 and took over KCOY’s news operation late last year. Because of regulatory constraints, Cowles Media will continue to own KCOY and oversee the station’s sales and management teams.

Shortly after the merger, KCOY and KEYT created a joint website with a KEYT web address.

The joint news operation is also slated to include about a half dozen new reporters and anchors to cover the area from Ventura through Paso Robles. Following the 2012 acquisition of KEYT by News-Press & Gazette, news was consolidated with all broadcasts being produced in Salinas.

Because of the latest merger, the news broadcast is schedule to again be split between Salinas and Santa Maria, as it was prior to 2012.

And while the merger is slated to result in additional editorial hires, about a half dozen sales and support staff positions will be eliminated.


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Obviously a hot topic…

Seriously, who still watches local TV? They left their viewers years ago and have never looked back. Now it’s just scrambling to survive. Pretty sad, especially for those who remember the “glory days” of limited television (and information).