Pismo Beach man allegedly mailed meth to the jail

January 4, 2014
Jason Hunter

Jason Hunter

San Luis Obispo County deputies arrested a Pismo Beach man for allegedly sending his incarcerated girlfriend a greeting card containing methamphetamine in December.

A deputy at the jail discovered meth wrapped in plastic and hidden in the card sent to Samantha Long, 29, and deputies began searching for the sender.

After Long was released from jail, they traced the card to her boyfriend Jason Hunter, 44. Deputies arrested the couple at a Pismo Beach hotel where they also discovered two ounces of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Samantha Long

Samantha Long

Deputies arrested Hunter for possession of a controlled substance for sale, sending a controlled substance to jail, being a felon in possession of a firearm and nine other charges. His bail is set at $215,000.

Long was charged with bringing a controlled substance to jail, conspiracy to commit a crime, preparing false evidence and possession of an opium pipe. She is being held without bail.


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Awww…how touching. It just says “I wanna screw you up even worse than you already are”.

I know Jason and he is no stranger to county jails. He has been a meth addict for most of his adult life and rotating him in and out of county jails does nothing to solve his problem. He and his girlfriend need treatment, not incarceration, and we, the taxpayers, need to stop paying salaries, bonuses and pensions to jail guards as they do nothing to make us truly safer in our communities by warehousing drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental illnesses.

Jason has a medical problem which has never been addressed by anyone in law enforcement. We as a community should be ashamed that we throw Jason and people like him into metal cages for years and years, a process which only exacerbates their problems.

What is stopping SLO County from being a leader in reforming how we respond to drug addiction? Why can’t we show the nation that warehousing human beings is not the answer?

The Sheriff and his jail take a huge chunk of our tax dollars and all we get is people like Jason cycling through the system, year after year. Let’s actually try to fix the problem, not sweep it under the rug.

Ms Long needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Wow 29 years old, it is obvious drugs are not her friend…

Who in their right mind thinks that they can mail drugs in a card and get it past the Deputies. As if the Deputies are that inept as not to find it in a card of all things. I don’t card how elaborate the card is, they know every trick in the book, if you think you can pull something like that off, then you truly are mentally bankrupt or as others would say, a dumb butt tweaker.

I find this story interesting as to how they followed through to get the culprit. I wonder if they got finger prints off the card and then waited for her to be released and lead them to her meth buddy? Then they matched the prints? But….since the bf is already a felon they would have had his prints in the system so I don’t think it was finger prints that solved it. Maybe they’re guessing that it was him based on the raid? Of course we all know it was him but how did they prove it? Maybe she told on him to get less time? Meth is such a scourge on society, what a horrible drug. Why do people even try it?

Don’t even try meth it’s high addictive and will destroy you. If someone offers it to you, run like the devil is chasing you because, he is. I watched a close friend who was an upstanding, successful, hardworking, honest, respectable, contributing citizen become (act like) a drug addicted low life bum. Seriously, she lost everything and for all I know, she is still acting like a drug addicted bum. It all started when some jerk gave her some meth and she cleaned her house from top to bottom. She named it her “assistant”. Then one day it stopped assisting her and her 650K beautiful house turned into a filthy pig stye and the bank took it away when she quit paying the mortgage in lieu of using meth.

The answer to your question is in your first sentence, “right mind”, wow, and they live among us.

You can’t fix stupid.

All we can really do is, hope they don’t breed.

We may not be able to fix it, but we sure do keep re-electing it.