SLO Social Seen, downtown 1-23-14

January 28, 2014

Join CalCoastNews as we check out San Luis Obispo County’s best happy hour spots, the bar scene and best places to go for a crazy fun time. And what would crazy fun mean without taking a look at the SLO downtown bar scene? Thursday night CalCoastNews went downtown to see who was out and about, what they were drinking, and what bars they were partying at. Check out our video and tell us what you think about SLO’s downtown bar scene.

Lauren Sharabianlou

Lauren Sharabianlou

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Wow Great Video, love the bar scene downtown! Glad to see these students are having a good time with friends, something we all enjoy so much. Sorry guys, this is what the bars are like on weekend nights, and yes it may not be for everyone, but it is part of the local community, so it has the right to be broadcasted online.

I’ve lived here for 25 years and I went to SLO’s Farmer’s Market, once. Enough for me, I go to Spencer’s in Morro Bay at 3PM on Thursday if I want fresh produce, no kids. I know, I’m a curmudgeon, so what? The Cal Poly kids are rude, lewd, and stupid. I weep for the future.

I can appreciate the bars downtown wanting to generate business, that how they earn a living. The environment however has morphed into a “party” scene. The excessive drinking that is promoted, due to the competition needs to be reconsidered. There is no justifiable reason that getting “faded” on Thursday night should be considered the responsible thing to do.

Where is it that the promotion for “responsible” drinking is modeled? There is no reason that the enjoyment of being social, having a good time, sharing some cocktails and dancing into the night should be controlled however what is it that the responsible businesses can do to reduce the continued morphing of over indulgence of alcohol by our young adults?

Consider this; what happens when the bars are closed and all of these folks have to travel home.

Forgot to add the tags “low-information” and “useless for people over 30”

Please do not “reach out” to the “younger crowd” – they will only bring down the journalistic value that is currently present at CCN. Perhaps a spin-off website (lol, Facebook all the way) or some other distraction for those who seek this kind of “information” would be better?

Oddly enough, one of my good friends (who lives in the heart of studenvtille since the 60’s) was talking to me about how she really feels that students are becoming much less intelligent/intelligible in the last decade or so. I told her she’s just old (yeah, we’re still close)… I better not tell her about this “video” as she would just point out how she was right all along.

I wouldn’t mind seeing CCN draw in the college-aged reader with music coverage (local band scene). That might draw in a young, sophisticated reader. But Happy Hour? – the most tragic event of the day? Why not come to Morro Bay and cover Happy Hours where the average age is 62? Talk about girls and guys gone wild.

Oh, yeah, we’d all be glued to video of 62 year olds drinking water with no ice.

I’m all for the bachnalia of college life – these kids can cosume whatever their parents’ dollars will buy them – it’s supposed to be an open-market economy. I just have a problem with it being on CCN. “Crazy-fun time”? What’s next? On-the-scene reports from fraternity and sorority parties? Wait, that would be kind of interesting.

What could be less entertaining than showing up with a camera when alcohol is served to kids? Oh I know… Girls Gone Wild! When will that be appearing?

You remove my post because YOU spelled scene wrong??????



I think the downtown bar scene can best be characterized as sad. It’s sad to see the overwhelming emphasis focused on amount of alcohol one can purchase for the lowest price. Of course, for these young people, it’s their first exposure to economics.

I’s sad that, a number of these young people will in fact develop alcohol abuse problems that will affect their lives emotionally and/or physically.

It’s even sadder that this behavior is considered culturally “normal”, and is “just part of growing up.”

Actually, the saddest part isn’t that it is considered “normal”, but to most of those downtown spending their (or their daddy’s) money is that they honestly believe it is their “right” to “have a good time”, to party. Taking responsibility for one’s actions, not so much.

Not a “right” as much as a “need” – you know, they’ve been working SOOOooo hard at Poly, that salt-mine of intense instruction.

Yeah, that was sarcasm.