Will Abel Maldonado run for governor?

January 16, 2014

abel(BULLETIN, today, noon) Abel Maldonado said he is dropping out of the race for governor.

Original story – Former lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado is expected to formally announce his bid for the governor’s seat at a press conference at 11 a.m. at the Santa Maria City Hall.

In April, Maldonado filed papers that permitted him to raise money for a challenge against Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, though he did not officially join the race at that time.

Brown is up for reelection in 2014,

Critics note that Maldonado, a Republican from Santa Maria, has lost his last two races. In 2010 he lost his bid for Lt. Governor to Democrat Gavin Newsom. Then in 2012, he made an unsuccessful House bid against Democrat Lois Capps.



Lose race for lieutenant governor, run for House of Representatives. Lose race for House, run for Governor. Looks like an unsuccessful bid for Senate orPresident is on the horizon if things go according to plan.

the guy paso

The Trib is reporting that Abel has tossed in the towel.


Jorge Estrada

This is not about a polical party, turn on your antenna feed TV and select the available channels for a clue of where California is going. He is ready willing and Abel, viva la revolucion!


I am a conservative and I would vote for a good candidate but I can not in good conscience vote for Abel Maldonado. I will vote for Brown because with Brown you know what your going to get. Maldonado does not care about the State of California or the people of California. Abel is all about Abel and what is best for Abel. Please go away.


…you think you are a conservative. They really don’t exist in California anymore; most gave up and moved or became libertarians. Whenever a west-coaster feels they are conservative, I ask they visit Texas (not Austin) or Oklahoma, etc.

Amazing what passes for “conservative” in California. A “conservative” voting for Brown… heh. You are correct, we know what we’ll get with him.


It doesn’t matter if Maldonado runs for governor or not. The Republicans can’t win, but California citizens need to be aware of the government takeover being staged right now by the Villaraigosa gang of Latinos.

John Perez, cousin of Villaraigosa, won his seat as head of the Assembly by trickery. Two Latinos were running, and the day before the election, the other Latino dropped out leaving Perez as the only candidate. The other Latino later got a cushy job from Villaraigosa in LA.

Now Richard Lara is running for head of the Senate. If he wins, then both the Senate and the Assembly will be headed by pro illegal immigrant Latino officials.

As soon as Jerry Brown retires, then Villaraigosa plans to run for Governor. If he wins, then the state of California will be totally controlled by pro union, pro illegal immigrant advocates.


the state of California will be totally controlled by pro union, pro illegal immigrant advocates.

As if it is not right now? Where have you been for the last 40-some (or more) years?


Oh gosh, Abel. Stop. Please stop. This is getting embarrassing.

I supported you way back when…you were a family businessman, small-town mayor…seemed sincere…

But somewhere along the way your ego got too big for your britches and your continuous flip-flops made it clear you’re just another career politician. Your desperate quest for power is just plain disturbing.

TIme to leave politics, once and for all. Go back to your family business. Please.


Why is it that someone who doesn’t toe the GOP party line is accused of “flip-flopping?” If the GOP intends to remain an insignificant party in California government, they need to do no more than demonize anyone in the party who is willing to compromise on a few issues or who perhaps is so audacious as to actually advocate a position that is not shared by the party’s right wing.

Based on some second-hand information from Abel’s early days in politics, I distrust his character somewhat but he was a good representative for this district as a truly moderate Republican. Sam Blakeslee was more conservative on fiscal issues and seems like a more honest person and Katcho falls somewhere in between. If the Central Coast Reps were typical of Republicans in the rest of the state, we would have more of them in Sacramento and a better government for it.

(But you’re right, Abel has no real chance with the voter makeup of his party in this state and would be better served not trying to achieve statewide office.)


It isn’t that Abel does not “toe the GOP party line” – rather, he DOES toe their line, and it is the California GOP line that is the problem.


Abel, I supported you when you were in the assembly. But there is zero chance of your getting elected governor. Time to hang it up, if you don’t, it won’t end well.


Why not do stand-up comedy Unable? You could probably make more money than feeding at the public trough.