Super panga beaches near Cayucos

January 16, 2014

pangaA boat deemed a “super panga” landed on a beach near Cayucos Wednesday, along with a load of marijuana valued at around $10 million. [KSBY]

Bird watcher and photographer Marlin Harms spotted the boat on the beach, as well as a pile of bales lying beside it. The bales contained 4,000 pounds of marijuana.

“The first thing I saw as I looked down the bluffs was a huge pile of big sacks,” Harms said. “But, I was actually kind of anxious to not stick around because I didn’t know if there were any people around.”

The boat was the second super panga to arrive in San Luis Obispo County. Super pangas range in length from 45 to 55 feet, while typical pangas are about 30 feet, according to the County Sheriff’s Office.

Two $80,000 motors were attached to the super panga, providing it nearly 700 horsepower.

No arrests occurred following the arrival of the boat Wednesday, and sheriff’s deputies are still searching for suspects.



Why, if it is worth so much, was the Panga found with its content unguarded and left to the elements? What has since happened to the boat and contents? Why doesn’t the press report that part of the story? Ooopps That would mean that they would have to actually send someone out and question the people involved…sorry there I go expecting the local press to report something that was not on the internet huh?

oa anon

On some of the Border Patrol cop shows many times marijuana is sent over in an easy to find manner – as a distraction – while some harder drug – worth much more – is then able to get through undetected while the commotion is on the marijuana.


Is anybody guarding our coast? Anybody?


The same people who ‘guard’ our southern border are ‘guarding’ our coast.


A better question is: Why are drugs illegal?

…for the same reason you, as an adult, have to wear a seat belt. But no one ever wants an honest conversation; rather, people enjoy programmed ideological volleys.