Gang rape of UCSB woman reported in Isla Vista

February 24, 2014

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for suspects accused of beating and gang raping a 19-year-old UC Santa Barbara student over the weekend.

santa barbaraThe attack occurred between 11 p.m. Saturday and 4 a.m. Sunday, according to the sheriff’s office. Investigators describe the suspects as a group of Asian men.

Following the alleged gang rape, the victim returned to her Isla Vista home and told her roommates and law enforcement what had happened. Responders took the victim to a nearby hospital for treatment to her injuries and an examination.

University of California police officers and a sheriff’s K9 unit are assisting the deputies in the search for the suspects. The search team is investigating leads on campus and in other Isla Vista areas.

Investigators are requesting that anyone with information about the incident call 911.


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I see the British journalistic habit of identifying Middle Eastern perps as “Asians” has come to our shores. No doubt in my mind that this gang of losers is NOT Oriental.

Who cares what color their skin is or where they came from?

I guess if we are to be politically correct we should just classify them as men, because that is who, in most, 99% of cases, gang rape women; otherwise it is considered racial profiling. I’ve got words to describe these men but I would probably be arrested for exercising my freedom of speech. My guess is she will be blamed and they will get a slap on the wrist. After all, boys will be boys.

I care what their skin color or culture is to the extent the media tries to hide those identifying features. Google gang rape and Sweden, or Denmark, or England.

In time, the outward wounds will heal. The inner ones….maybe never.

I’m sure these are all good, upstanding men that are simply being railroaded by some messed up girl…just like the girl in Santa Maria who accused her teacher.

It’s just shameful the way these girls deliberately try and ruin the lives of good men.

Actually, if found guilty, I hope the castrate each and everyone who participated in this heinous crime.

I have a better solution than castration. Put the perps one at a time in the room with the father of the girl. Give him five minutes in there by himself with no interference and no harm no foul, no holds barred. If that was my daughter I would be more than willing to accept that arrangement.

Get the perps!

But ladies… I wouldn’t even be out then… “The attack occurred between 11 p.m. Saturday and 4 a.m.”

Yea it may not of been the best decision on being out but Roger are you implying it is the VICTIMS fault!!??

Please explain why MEN can be out at that time…but not women???????


The problem is reality. According to the Department of Justice (, alcohol involved violent incidents peak around 1AM. Victims can certainly be men or women. Is it safe for either to be alone – likely not, however, since nearly 100% of rapes occur against women, I would argue that it is less safe for women (especially alone) at those hours then men because far worse things can happen to them.

I agree with what you say and yes it is true but it is sad as people that we just accept that, Oh well that’s just the way it is. We should go after each and every one of these types and let them be afraid of US after dark!!!!

Roger never specifically said THAT.

I believe he’s suggesting that the victim shows a lack of common sense and I agree…in fact, Roger admits that “I wouldn’t even be out then”.

Many times I have witnessed a young woman walking ALONE late at NIGHT in SLO and I whisper a short prayer that she gets home safely.

As to your question, let me ask you one: when was the last time we heard of a man being sexually assaulted while walking alone at night? Hmmm-hmm.

Ladies, if you insist on walking (late) at night, please buddy up with a friend.

Terrible situation. So sad for the victim and her family. Hope for arrests and prosecutions of the perpetrators.

Sadly, crimes of sexual assaults and rapes occur on and around college campuses far too often. I will share this story with my high school age daughters. Cannot imagine the horror for a parent receiving the phone call that these parents must have received and the pain and trauma that their daughter is going through and will have to live with for the rest of her life during a time that she should have been able to remember fondly.

My heart is broken for her. More beasts than we can count!