Sandra Fluke mulling California Congressional run

February 4, 2014
Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke

Women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke is considering running for Congress in California to replace Rep. Henry Waxman, who is retiring at the conclusion of his term this year. [Washington Post]

Fluke garnered national attention after recommending taxpayer-subsidized birth control during testimony she gave to Congress in 2012. Radio host Rush Limbaugh then called her a “slut” on air.

Fluke has yet to officially announce her campaign or file with the Federal Elections Commission. However, a California Democratic Party delegate told the Washington Post that she has filed papers seeking the state party’s endorsement. Fluke has also paid the fee to appear on the ballot.

The 33rd District, which Waxman currently represents, includes Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Expected challengers for the seat include former Los Angeles mayoral finalist Wendy Gruel and state Sen. Ted Lieu.



At the most recent Republican National Convention, GOP delegates passed resolution declaring that candidates should not stay silent on their anti-choice views.

This salvo is but a continuation of the battle waged against reproductive health rights and the conservative Republican’s “War on Women”.

Fathead pundits like the obnoxious Limbaugh try to paint this as an argument about women’s supposed promiscuity, and not the truth of women’s reproductive and economic freedom.

With these attacks, Sandra Fluke has been inspired to answer this challenge.

Should be interesting, as some of the more backward comments here present a strong case for retroactive birth control.


How about the war on all those women in the womb?

I guess it’s not a woman’s right – as long as the woman is still in a womb. They have no rights.

Since when do we term murder “health rights” ? An abortion is murder, it is not “part of the body” (take some DNA samples from a mother and the unborn child, you’ll see)

Fluke is a flake, and a perfect fit for the nut jobs that run this asylum. Congratulations.


AHA …another red herring crusader ! Terrific !

Access to contraception prevents abortion, but don’t let that fact slow you down.

I can do one better … Every man that advocates that abortion is murder should be forced to undergo an involuntary vasectomy, or similar procedure.

THAT would end abortion.

Theo P. Neustic

Talk about purveyors of Red Herrings! You and your ilk never do address the fact that abortion is the murder of a yet to be born human being.


If Californians are stupid enough to vote for a carpetbagger who is only using the office to achieve personal goals, then they will deserve her. I hope the people are smart enough to see that Sandra has no concern for the citizens of California, but is only in it to further her own political agenda


I started to think Hillary was coming here! Phew.


Author Marianne Williamson also has announced her intentions for this seat.

Mitch C

A perfect candidate … no experience, no accomplishments, no legislative experience nor business experience. No one could attack her record … because she doesn’t have one. Her resume will make Obama’s look good.


She does have SOME experience, if you know what I mean


It makes George Bush #2’s look great “no experience, no accomplishments, no legislative experience nor business experience.” Yep.

Just wait untill you see what the GOP has instore for you.


YEAH! YEAH! Because I’ve been conditioned to hate anything GOP or republican, I’m totally voting for whatever garbage the democrats put up! At least it won’t be a GOP! (GOSH I really hate those guys! Oooooo, THOSE guys!)

(sorry, was trying to go for the blind ideological rage – it usually works, right?)


(sorry, was trying to go for the blind ideological rage – it usually works, right?)

Only on your side of the political divide.


But….but…she once testified before congress! doesn’t that count? Doesn’t that make her a good candidate? Doesn’t she now possess impeccable credentials?

If elected, she could become Hilary’s running mate! Or even Governor of California.Think of the possibilities….

Kevin 99

Of course, she also got her Juris Doctor, graduated with honors (I won’t name the honor, as it would titillate your adolescent sense of humor), and has passed the California State Bar. She worked as an advocate for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Stuff like that. Now, she’s not exactly on par with Darrell Issa, who is is a convicted criminal and has been indicted more than a few times. Car theft, insurance fraud… But Sandra Fluke is not qualified??


Well then, its no fluke that she would choose California in which to advance her career. After all, as a social justice lawyer, she has made it known that she believes that illegal immigration is a CIVIL RIGHT and sex change surgery should be paid for with OUR tax dollars.

Yes Kevin, she’s qualified. She’ll fit right in.


Compaired to the quitter Sarah Palin?


OOOoo, and I still HATE NIXON, TOO! Damn THOSE guys! Oh man, my Pavlovian responses are through the roof now! Try to conserve some of that red meat for the actual election!

Great stuff, really adds to the whole “discussion” here.


What a load of pickle pudding ! I bet you voted for Nixon every chance you had !

Your ‘comments’ add nothing, just sideshow diversion.

To apprise you of the present, we are talking about a North Central LA district that is considered a ‘safe’ district for a liberal.

Lots of smoke coming from the teabag brigade for a district they have no hope in winning.

Carry on !


Misogyny alive and well in SLO- dinosaurs.


The Limbaugh really adds to the meat of the story, good job, CCN


To be fair, there really isn’t anything else to add that is news-worthy.

I mean, a cherry-picked candidate from the get-go, just waiting for the “right place” to be dropped.

Where’s Nancy and her “grass roots” / “astro-turf” now?

Mr. Holly

Should be interesting to see how much financial backing she may receive from the Trojan foundation.


Your misogyny is unwelcome, it’s 2014.

Everybody has one, yours is showing.


“Everybody has one, yours is showing.”

…And it’s really, REALLY, not that impressive !


Sorry – s/b Bacon


You should be apologizing for a lot more than a simple mis-spelling …


Forcing me to pay for her birth control can be equated to forcing a Muslim business to serve beacon and eggs.


This just made me more determined to support and vote for her! Since when have Muslim women’s plight been anyone’s concern this side of the Mississippi, ever…? Comments like this will only strengthen her support and resolve. Intentionally fueling the flames of ignorance will backfire on those who act like the Taliban. This is 2014 – get used to it!


Why the freak out? Would you feel better if he had said “forcing a Jewish Deli to serve bacon and eggs? Or if he had said “forcing a vegetarian restaurant to serve steak? Get a grip. I don’t think that a Muslim business would be offended by the comment.

Maybe you should explain yourself.


His misogynistic analogy sucks. He only brought up “Muslim” to push someones buttons.

Sexist and racist at the same time, 100% fact free.


He made a “funny” and harmless analogy as a joke. I’d guess you would think that Jerry Seinfield’s tv show was racist because you just had a group of Jewish people in the show, instead of one African American, one Asian American, one woman, one LGBT, one Hispanic, one Muslim and one Native American–who did I leave out??????


Oh my God. Hyperbole much? Asking why we should pay for her contraception when it wasn’t that expensive to begin with is not “…act(ing) like the Taliban.” I can assure you the Taliban would have settled Ms. Fluke’s hash quickly and permanently. Please stop trying to equate anyone to the right of you as “Taliban.” You don’t know who they are and you obviously don’t understand what they do to women. Sandra Fluke is a spoiled little rich girl who was put up to this whole “Waah, I can’t afford my birth control!!” business. Astroturf all the way. And she brings nothing to the table as a candidate, while her 15 minutes of fame were up last year.


Here, pal, educate yourself and then apologize to people who had the temerity merely to question Sandra Fluke’s instant victim status.

And yes, I’ve been to Afghanistan. Have you?


What will be expected of the taxpayer next… a bottle of wine and nice steak dinner before the romance begins, and then a pack of cigarettes for after….


What spending a trillion $ on a series of failed wars, not enough for you?

Clueless in America.

Sarah Bellum

The fact of the matter is that Catholic hospitals and universities employ people from outside the faith all the time, and rightly so. It doesn’t matter whether the phlebotomist drawing your blood for a CBC over at French Hospital is Catholic. Exercising a religious objection to providing birth control coverage on the health insurance plan is a form of religious discrimination against the non-Catholic employees. Rush and his slut shaming cronies don’t think much about this, but they might object strenuously if employers are allowed to exclude mental health and psychiatric drug coverage, as another faith teaches, or to exclude science-based medicine altogether.

Mitch C

What you missed is that requiring me to provide what I find morally objectionable is forcing your beliefs upon me. I thought that this freedom was assured by the founding of our nation. If someone wants birth control that is there business, but requiring me to pay for it forces their beliefs upon me.

Sarah Bellum

Gluttony and drunkenness are sins, too, resulting in obesity, cancer, diabetes, and jaundice. Won’t paying for Viagra to treat ED resulting from diabetes violate your religious principles? Why not rail against those? Why pick on women’s reproductive medicine alone?