Santa Maria teacher accused of sexual relationship with student

February 21, 2014
Brian Hook

Brian Hook

Santa Maria police arrested a 53-year-old Pioneer Valley High School teacher Thursday for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old female student. [KSBY]

Brian Hook, a social science teacher and the varsity girls basketball coach, is accused of having a sexual relationship with the girl for the last four months. Officers charged him with oral copulation of a minor, unlawful intercourse with a minor and penetration with a foreign object with a minor.

Pioneer Valley Sophomore Red Eublera, a student in Hook’s modern science class, disbelieved the allegations.

“I saw it on my Twitter page. I saw it on my Facebook page. I even saw it on my Instagram,” Eublera said. “He’s a really good teacher,” Eublera said. “I can really learn with him. He’s funny and he’s anything but what people are accusing him for.”

But, other students said they noticed an inappropriate relationship between Hook and the victim.

Police said that Hook’s position as girl’s basketball coach did not have anything to do with the arrest, but that they are requesting anyone else with information to come forward right away.

Hook is married with five children, and his wife works as an administrative assistant at the high school. Hook is currently in Santa Barbara County Jail on $100,000 bail.



I hope Mr. Hook gets everything he deserves for this crime. And I also hope that as he is serving time in prision that he has the time to think about whether it was all worth it. Must have been a real sweet mouthful.

But more likely what will happen is that he school will get him to quietly resign (with pension), his wife will stand by her ‘man’, and all will be good. Such is the way things like this typically get resolved.

Ted Slanders


“Must have been a real sweet mouthful.”

Seriously, was there actually a need for you to bring forth a sexual connotation in your hasty guilty verdict without knowing all of the facts? How utterly disgusting for you to make such a comment about the poor girl involved!

Lest you forget, children at times are reading Cal Coast News.



If — and that is a huge “IF” — Mr. Hook is guilty, he does deserve a harsh sentence. However, it is not unheard of for troubled young people (or even older ones) to make false accusations for varied reasons (revenge for slights — real or imagined, attention seeking, who knows?)

This needs to be dealt with as objectively as possible by the court system and not in the media or in public opinions based on rumors and selective statements.

For those who are assuming a likelihood of guilt based on the fact that charges were filed, you should understand that the legal system is orientated towards protecting victims to the point that the rights of the accused can be over-ruled if their is any question of what is the truth. All accusations by/about sexual abuse of children must be reported and unless/until proof is shown that the accusation is false, the person being accused is likely to be prosecuted. While things have improved slightly since the hysteria days of the McMartin PreSchool uproar in the 1980’s, there is still a tendency in our society to lynch a person accused of molestation or similar crimes rather than to hold with our legal obligation to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

It is important to protect children and other vulnerable members of our society from predators but it is also important to recognize the potential for abuse of a legal system that emphasizes this to the exclusion of other factors. I wish their were an effective system to winnow out the truth when accusations and denials fly but, unfortunately, our current legal system is the best option we have Public outrage derived from sensationalistic media doesn’t even rise to that level.


Oops, the McMartin PreSchool case happened a bit more recently than I accidentally mis-stated: 1980s not 1080s.

Also, can anyone tell me how to insert links into a comment here?


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Not sure I’d call this a “relationship.”

A 53 year old adult having sex with a 16 year old minor sounds more like statutory rape.

Ted Slanders


Hell, this type of situation runs rampant in the godly inspired Judeo-Christian bible, so what’s the big deal here? At least this girl wasn’t sold off as a sex slave as the bible shows us ad infinitum.

fishing village

young girls are too vulnerable , protect your young women from harm!!

Ted Slanders


Great song, and what is further apropos is Gary Puckett’s “Young Girl.”


Sadly it’s not just young girls anymore. We have to protect our boys, too. :(

Ted Slanders


No need to bring up the pedophile Catholic priests again where their church has spent over ONE BILLION dollars in reparations for their ungodly acts upon innocent boys.


the sandy hook shooter is said to be a victim of pedophile priests and something to do with the former popes resignation (tin foil tonsure)


Pipe down you loser, anti-Catholic bigot Protestant. The incidence rate of pedophilia among Protestant and Jewish clergy, public school teachers and private school teachers is higher than that of Catholic priests.

Clean-up your OWN pigsty before running your cake-hole about others!

Ted Slanders


There are lies, damn lies, and then your statistics!

If you believe one is anti-Catholic for giving absolute facts in showing how the church hid their pedophile priests and then covered it up, then they’re a lot of “losers” out there. Most notably, the Catholic faith that helped pay out over ONE BILLION DOLLARS and counting in reparations because of their ungodly priests. Wonder if the church passed the collection plate twice on Sunday?

It matters not whether pedophiles were in other religions, or in the school systems, and that is because, under the Catholic Churches situation, it was done nonetheless, and it was done under the banner of loving Christianity. I am sure the parents sent their children to Catholic Schools to pray, and NOT to be preyed upon!

The Catholic Church will NEVER have any moral authority again.


Why would accusations of sexual assault by a school teacher lead to an anti catholic rant? An anti government rant would be more appropriate in this particular case.

miles archer

Most interesting line in this article: ” But, other students said they noticed an inappropriate relationship between Hook and the victim.”

Sniff- sniff-sniff…hmmm, smoke.



How did they manage to notice considering the fact that they are buried in their social media via their phones?

Just another reason why this guy may have gotten away with this crime.

Ted Slanders

If one is a Christian, what’s the big deal here?

If, and I repeat, IF Brian Hood had sexual relations with a sixteen year old girl, then the Christian community shouldn’t be upset because Mother Mary, of the renowned Jesus fame, is considered to have been 12 years old when she married Joseph, who was around thirty years old, and most notably, had her Celestial Impregnation from her Hebrew God.

The bible is full of young girls being sold as sex slaves, captive virgins, concubines, or in polygamous situations, etc., so this story above should not be upsetting to the Christian that actually reads their bible.

Hell, in the 1880’s, the age of consent in Delaware was seven years old! The other states being between ten and twelve years old for girls, and Christians of this time period said nothing!

Seemingly, if it was good enough for Jesus to be born from a 12 year old virgin girl married to her thirty year old husband, then why is this alleged Christian Nation so concerned with man’s laws relative to Brian Hood, and not following the godly inspired and condoned precepts of their Judeo-Christian bible in this case?

“We ought to obey God rather than men.” (The Apostle Peter, Acts 5:29)

Before any weak refutations to the godly facts above, look up the term “anachronistic.”


If these allegations prove to be true, this guy is one sick ticket.


and if they aren’t true, then this girl is one sick puppy. I’ll reserve judgement until all the facts come out, all it takes is one messed up girl that needs attention to destroy a good man’s life. I’m reminded of the local business owner from the south who had his photo plastered all over the press and TV after he was accused of raping a woman in the park who he gave a ride home to. It turned out to be false, there was no where near the media attention to the false accusations as there was to the original rape allegations. It did terrible damage to his poor innocent family (he was also married) and his business not to mention to his otherwise good name.

I hate this stuff, I wish the media would shut up about accusations like this until there has been a full investigation and there is actually some proof apart from she said/he said.


Accusations that are credible enough lead to probable cause for arrest.

Given the level of detail associated with the charges it’s pretty likely that the minor isn’t seeking revenge for a bad grade or lack of playing time on the basketball court.


I see what you are reminded of, I am reminded of the teacher in the L.A. are that was found to have been feeding his students his “special sauce” and when fired, he threatened to sue and was allowed to retired with his nice pension, thank you teachers union and tenure, both need to go.


Unfortunately, men like this are out there. Having worked in a public high school for a number of years I saw more than my share of this sort of thing happening. Sometimes the teacher would actually end up marrying the victim or leaving their wife/family and moving in with the the student after the kid graduates. Sometimes they are kicked out of the school system, sometimes demoted. Sometimes they are given a pass if it stays under the radar.

There is something about a good looking younger or even older man and young girls. They are not a good mix. The person/s I truly feel sorry for is/are his wife who works at the same school – humiliating – and his kids.


Wolves often wear sheeps clothing.