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February 18, 2014

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Imagine the challenge of working to report on all the crap our local, county and non-profit officials network together on to be able to pull off what they do, over and over…

CCN may not have a perfect reporting record, but no one has clearly proven they do not.

Cover up and spin doctors prevail till the facts are lost and CCN tries to resurrect.

At what price? Grandchildren used as pawns in a foster care system that ignores the abundance of severe child abuse in our slice of paradise?

CCN’s value is to tell us about the govt, pile of crap we are surrounded by to the degree they can. KSBY is a two minute news cast, ten minutes of weather and the rest is a commercial for wine on the central coast.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Oddly, I had set up a recurring $10 a month over a year ago… then one day, the auto-donate was no longer accepted (I believe paypal had it as subscription); I e-mailed to ask what was up, but did not get any reply, nor did the auto payments ever resume.

OK. I donated just now via PayPal, even though you fully FAILED this time with your conspiracy-theorist MB witch hunt screed.

I have faith that Josh’s lightbulb will light up, and he will see that he’s been had by a smooth operator. I hope that happens soon.

Keep up the good work.

I don’t know enough about the MB situation to make a judgment one way or the other but from some errors and half-truths in his CAPSLO reporting (which I do know something about), I am not betting on his competence at seeing through BS nor on CCN being reliably and consistently objective.

I am sorry to say this because CCN has done some really good and important reporting on some subjects in the past.