Central Coast farmworkers oppose processing center

March 6, 2014

farm workersCentral Coast farmworkers are strongly objecting to a proposed Santa Maria facility for processing convicted criminals who are illegal immigrants.

Immigrants would be photographed and fingerprinted in the facility before being transferred to Southern California or deported. Federal and local officials had viewed the facility as non-controversial.

However, many immigrant farmworkers view the transfer station as a powerful symbol of the U.S. deportation machinery and have threaten to take their labor elsewhere. Farmers worry that if Santa Maria gets a reputation as being hostile to farm laborers, the local economy could collapse.

The proposed Santa Maria center would hold a maximum of 13 people who have been release after serving criminal sentences. They would spend about four hours being processed at the facility.

David Marin, office director for ICE’s enforcement and removal operations, said they do not do raids or workforce enforcement.


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Best thing that ever happened for Santa Maria is putting an ICE office, they need one. Santa Maria is flooded with illegal immigrants. Government Brown just made more options for them such as the dream act, drivers licenses and coming is another Latino assemblymen in Sacramento is pushing for illegal immigrants to qualify for obamacare. If Meg Whitman would of one, we wouldn’t have had those laws passed but that’s what happens when you have democrats running Sacramento. Santa Maria has become a town of dependency of free stuff, we all pay for them to live there. Allan Hancock college has also embedded free education for illegal illegal all paid on tax dollars.

There is nothing against latino’s, it’s how they are taking advantage of the system. I bet 50% or more of the businesses there are hiring them! not paying wage taxes but under the table. Paying under the table hurts everybody and also promotes unfair competition. You can technically hire any business in Santa Maria and it’s going to be cheaper.

Hey if you can get illegals under control, I have no problem paying more for businesses and services, buying cheap is the same like buying Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joes, we all know they are buying from a wine making that’s run with illegal immigrants.

Personally I don’t think ICE is going to do much deportations as we think, it takes legal steps and observation to arrest and deportation, it isn’t as easy because of the some many laws that were passed by democrats in Sacramento and Washington but also the lawsuits on published case laws what they can and can’t do.

Lastly listening to Luis Capps on how she descends the idea of ICE being in Santa Maria when she depends on immigrant families to case their vote to get her reflected all the time, so she is a conflict of interests. Get it?

I’ll send ICE a $30,000.00 donation check for they’re location because we need them here and that’s my two cents.

Next thing the inmates will be against the building of any new prisons. But if they do build them the prisoners say that they will commit there crimes elsewhere. Sounds like we need to build more prisons and this new complex in Santa Maria. It would be real interesting to take a close look at current crime statistics in Santa Maria and then compare them to maybe a year after this facility is built, if the illegals allow it to be built. I think the legals would be impressed with a possible reduction in crime. Now who would be against reducing crime? Just the illegals.

Are the criminals running the asylum? Since when does an illegal alien have any say in any of our governmental matters?

New rule: If you enter US illegally, you may NEVER become a US Citizen. Perhaps a documented alien that has permission to work, but never a US Citizen. Now, that ought to take the wind out of the sails of the Democrats. If you illegally register to vote, you will be convicted, evicted and NEVER allowed to return to the US.

Now, Go Home and Cry to your government about how bad you have it here. Maybe, just maybe, your cousins will think twice before breaking into our Country.

You Go Home and Cry

NEVER going to happen.

But you will never give it up.


The headline should read “Illegal immigrants oppose ICE office in Santa Maria”


Lois Capps asked ICE to do outreach to the community. But Lois, that’s the problem. They don’t want outreach. They are concerned that ICE will do outreach immigration raids.


have you ever looked at your salad? the lunch you eat is being handled by the people who are upset by this, working people should be considered the protesters are capital “w” working people think about that whats it worth, tell ice to take it down the 101 to split-pea-ville who needs the aggravation

How can we be upset at “these” people breaking our laws when we elect “our” people and they break the very laws they pass…

What’s the objection? We’re talking convicted criminals who are here illegally.

What should we do, offer them a law degree, a drivers license, the right to vote…or just grant them amnesty?

At least educate them and provide healthcare and social services… otherwise they might break our laws elsewhere.

If I ran a meth factory I certainly would hate to have a police station built near me. Any surprise too that Santa Maria has a higher than normal number of hit and run accidents, certainly couldn’t be that they might have a large number of un-licensed un-insured drivers, but all that will change thanks to Governor Brown who is going to give them licenses now and that will make things better? Why make it easier for them to drive, everyone is going to want to ride the un-bullet train to nowwhere, right?

a nice train get your toe nails done

You can give them all the paperwork you want but they still can’t drive correctly.

If they are legal, why are they so worried?

I have been following this on KSBY since it broke some time ago.that is not one legitimate reason to stop ICE from setting up this office. This is America, not Alta Mexico, as long as the illegals behave and abide by the law, there is no problem. The real problem is when an illegal population can dictate the location of federal offices.