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March 6, 2014

ccn 22CalCoastNews reporters have uncovered cases of real estate fraud, embezzlement, and elder abuse that have led to arrests and public awareness.

Reporter and CCN co-founder Daniel Blackburn covers water issues in the North County. His understanding of water politics is unmatched by other reporters in the area because of his former employment in the upper strata of California’s water industry. He has written on water politics for three decades.

Reporter and CCN co-founder Karen Velie’s investigations into several hard money lenders who defrauded area seniors of more $500 million led to investigations and arrests.

Reporter Josh Friedman performs in-depth investigations into issues of government wrongdoing and abuse against the homeless.

CCN needs your support to continue to operate. San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill and affiliates continue to harass our advertisers — sometimes making multiple weekly contacts. Because of this, many advertisers have suspended their advertising until the harassment stops. But after two years, it continues and has recently escalated.

In addition, the tragic death of Velie’s daughter and the county’s abduction of her grandchildren had a negative impact on CalCoastNews.

The changing media landscape has resulted in decreased advertising revenue throughout the industry and created a major problem — the dearth of investigative reporting as mainstream newspapers focus on profits. Because of this, communities suffer. CalCoastNews needs your support to continue to report on important local issues.

We are asking our readers for donations to help cover reporter salaries. Our donors’ names are not disclosed, so you do not need to fear retaliation.

Through donations, you help keep CCN alive. Donations can be made through PayPal on the site or contact or call (805) 234-1703.

Thank you for your support,

CalCoastNews staff



Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson what gives you the right to harass businessman and women of

this county?

Is that what you call free speech?

Both of you are not KINGS and should be RECALLED!

I do believe if the both of you do make it to election neither of you will be elected.I think the

People of this county are sick and tired of your self centered GAMES!



So…..16 people dislike and don’t bother to say why! Really? I agree and am willing to write a little blurb in support. If I were to dislike something so clearly stated I would have to state why I disliked it. Just sayin’………Looks like the adam ant team is at the watch to keep the numbers looking different than they should be!

Spirit Filled

I will give til it hurts. Only then will you know it comes from the Spirit. I am humbled by

your plea.

God Bless all your good works, please continue.


I will donate if you promise not to endorse Ant Hill or Give Some for supervisor!


I don’t think that will be a problem.

That said Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill’s behavior and there treatment of Karen and Dan has made me get off the bench and work towards removing both from office.

Bruce first, because shameful misogyny is shameful.


I had a $10/month auto-donation going a while back, but it stopped and no one replied to any e-mail. I’ll double-down. I’ve started my $20/month auto-donate. I hope many others have follow suit.


followed* suit…

You should have also mentioned the Sheriff asking a business to deny someone’s first amendment rights… I’d like to see followups on that, but I know it’s probably too dangerous to look deeper into it. How far we have fallen.

Kevin 99

Sorry, rOy, but the 1st Amendment is totally inapplicable here. Business owners/managers are allowed to place restrictions on the speech of their employees–even fire them, if they want!–and the 1st Amendment does not protect them. The 1st Amendment protects those individuals from being ARRESTED for saying those things that got them fired.

I have had many of my comments removed by the moderator of this site, but that is the right of this site, as a private entity. I don’t like it, obviously, when it happens, but I know better than to wring my hands and shed tears about the abrogation of my “1st Amendment rights!!”

It’s important to understand the Constitution and its Amendments, I think, before getting too high and mighty about its interpretation.


This is a time for all good people who depend on for facts and real news vs. giggles and schmuss-fests to step up to the plate! Keep up your excellent investigative reporting, other news, lay-out and format! Envelope with check is in the mail, and yes, I do shop at sponsors, stay away from the others!


Good point with the sponsors.

I was told that team Adam hill and team Bruce are calling and emailing all of the CCN sponsors to harass them into stopping there advertising. This has been going on going on for 2 years. Some are getting 2-3 calls a day from the same sick person.

Is that the kind of person you want to manage you local government?

You can decide today or next week to help support a free press.

Shameful team Adam hill.