Central Coast man sues casino over losses

March 7, 2014

Mark JohnstonA Ventura businessman filed suit against a Las Vegas casino after he lost $500,000 playing drunk on Super Bowl weekend.

Mark Johnston, 52, filed suit against the Downtown Grand for giving him a line of credit and serving him drinks when he was visibly intoxicated and blackout drunk. Johnston said the casino gave him dozens of free drinks when he was obviously intoxicated in violation of Nevada law.

According to Nevada law, casinos are barred from allowing obviously intoxicated people from gambling and are not to provide them free drinks.

Attorneys for the casino plan to pursue Johnston who they claim is trying to shirk his gambling debts. After waking up and discovering his losses, Johnston put a stop payment on his credit card debts to the casino.

“This is an ongoing lawsuit. It is the policy of the Downtown Grand not to speak publicly about pending litigation.” The Grand said in a statement.



Had he woken up and found he had a won a s**tload of money would he seek to give it back to the casino?

Mr. Holly


Play the game pay the price.

As our good friend Kelly Gearhart, a good gambler, would say-man up.


And when is Kelly Gearhart going to “man-up”?


How do people this stupid get all that money in the first place?


He works in the public sector…..


Cheap shot and a lie since the article states otherwise. I know it runs contrary to your libertarian ideology, but sleazy moral character is not limited to the “public sector” and some of the most successful “private sector” individuals in the world are equally prone to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. They are just more subtle and resourceful in their methods so they are less likely to get caught and/or punished.


This should be a simple solve: pull up the video cameras. They are EVERYWHERE in casinos… let’s see if he was drunk and they gave him more to drink and allowed him to gamble.

If the video evidence is missing or corrupted or otherwise unusable, I’d start crying fowl.

If this guy had a couple beers, but was clearly not “blackout” drunk, then I’d say his case falls apart.


Anyone who has more intelligence than a box of rocks, knows that those huge brightly lite casino where not built by winners. Of course they want you to get drunk and spend your money. Most casino give away booze to those who gamble. Did you think that was out of the goodness of their hearts? or could it be they want you to get drunk and loose all your money.

The real victim here is us tax payers that have our judicial system packed full of asinine fillings such as these.

Verdict: Casino Held not accountable for his losses, The atty for the plaintiff found to be in contempt for even entertaining such a filing and the Plaintiff ordered to pay all court cost (including the judge/jury, court reported, court clerk, bailiff, atty cost for defending such a case and anyone else involved.


I was simply going by what the article said:

“According to Nevada law, casinos are barred from allowing obviously intoxicated people from gambling and are not to provide them free drinks.”

I was not assuming anything for “most casinos” or what they actually do (or how they “where” built), whether this casino further intoxicated a guest and allowed him to continue gambling or not – against Nevada State law.

could be wrong and dumber than a “box of rocks,” but I get a feeling this will be an opportunity (potentially) to slap the wrist of the casino if they are seen clearly exacerbating this guy’s intoxication.

The best comment thus far is obispan’s when it was asked, “if he woke up with winnings, would he give them back?”

Moral of the story: do not gamble if you cannot afford the risk of loss – or if you like to intoxicate yourself.


“Obviously intoxicated”? Meaning what? Are we going to apply a 0.08% BAC driving standard? Checkpoints and breathalysers at the tables?


Actually r0y, this happened. A college student drinking in his dorm room passed out while gambling online. He woke up to find he had won $6,000.


A classic example of Momma Gump’s….”Stupid is as stupid does.”

Jorge Estrada

I would support no alcohol in casinos, just as it is not allowed while possessing a fire arm. The Casino’s will lose allot of losers and that is a very real reason why they promote drinking at their tables. Stupidity is very profitable, especially with a catalyst.

Ever seen a bible study at the black jack table? That was outlawed a long time ago.


And im sure they were pouring it down his throat , MAN UP your a loser in both ways


You would think that if he stopped payment on his credit cars, the casino would be suing him.


If they settle in favor of this guy, it should then be with the stipulation that he is barred from any and all gambling establishments for LIFE, as he cannot obviously handle his own behavior.