Juvenile burglar caught in SLO

March 27, 2014

car-theft-612nm022311San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a juvenile burglar early Thursday morning for breaking into cars parked in a residential neighborhood.

Over the past several nights, police received reports of vehicle burglaries in neighborhoods near Madonna Road. Around 3:30 a.m. Thursday, officers were patrolling in the area of Pereira Drive and Madonna Road when they noticed several parked vehicles had lights on.

The officers noticed a male walking in front of them on Pereira Road. When the suspect saw the police car, he ran away.

Police caught the suspect, a juvenile, in the 11000 block of Los Osos Valley Road. The suspect had fled with property stolen from vehicles in the area.

Officers searched the suspect’s home and found more stolen property. They charged him with possession of stolen property and theft and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Services Center.

An investigation into the case is ongoing.



Acting out to finally get your parents to notice you are deeply troubled….and only attracting the attention of the law. The parents probably could care less what happens to him anyway, and the jails are filled with male inmates who experience nearly identical types of parenting….or worse.


I guess that is a pretty good neighborhood to break into cars. I heard a lot of people leave guns in their unlocked cars over there.


There was a series of car break-ins a while back on the other side of Madonna Road on Oceanaire Drive. Is anyone checking to see if this kid may be responsible for those as well? Sounds like the same type of crime; as far as I know, no one was ever caught for those. A neighbor had an expensive camera stolen. Police, please check this out.


He is just LUCKY he did not get SHOT , I would like to catch someone in my car


A juvenile out committing crimes at 3:45am… Stolen property in his house, why weren’t his parents arrested?


How could they have known their kid was out committing crimes? They were probably too busy smoking meth.


Do an adult crime; this guy should do adult time. No excuses, no exceptions, and no mercy.

How about sentencing enhancements for the collateral damage done to the property owners and tenants, such as the fear and shock of being burgled, and such as the glass or breakage damage to the automobiles? Possible loss of precious, unreplaceable keepsake items the kid sold for a five dollar rock of drugs?

As the victim of burglaries too numerous to count, I’ll cast the first stone at this adult-behavior claiming to be under age.