Marx’s car vandalized after SLO council contests binding arbitration ruling

March 11, 2014
Jan Marx

Jan Marx


Shortly after the San Luis Obispo City Council voted unanimously Monday morning to appeal a ruling that would restore binding arbitration for police and firefighters, a vandal smashed the window of Mayor Jan Marx’s car.

Marx attended a lunchtime rotary meeting at the Madonna Inn Monday after the council decided in closed session to appeal a California administrative law judge’s ruling that the city must restore binding arbitration to its charter. When she returned to her car in the Madonna Inn parking lot around 1:40 p.m., Marx found her right front window smashed in, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

No other damage occurred to the vehicle, and Marx did not believe any items were missing from the car, Police Officer Eric Lincoln said.

“She doesn’t have any idea who did it,” Lincoln said. The police department has not identified any suspects, either.

Some speculate the vandalism was retaliation for Marx’s closed session vote.

Marx did not respond to a request for comment.

In 2011, Marx lost the support of public safety unions after she chose to support placing pension reform and a repeal of binding arbitration on the ballot. San Luis Obispo voters overwhelmingly approved both measures, but on Feb. 28 Judge Valerie Racho ruled that the city conducted an improper election on the binding arbitration initiative. The city did not adequately meet and consult with police and firefighter unions prior to placing the repeal of binding arbitration on the ballot, Racho ruled.

The city will now appeal Racho’s ruling to the California Public Employment Relations Board.



Maybe she did it to her own car?


horrible nasty statement!


Hippy, dippy, hippy, probably locked her keys and stash in the car and had to break in to retrieve them off the front dash.


Happy, Happy, Happy!


I don’t think you would be happy having your window smashed in….


The finest and the bravest; really?. How about the vandals.


(SAN LUIS OBISPO, APRIL 1, 2021): San Luis Obispo Mayor Pompous L. Worthless announced that 60% of all city police officers will be released from employment by the end of this month. This action follows city budgetary problems driven by long-time ridiculous public safety compensation levels and crushingly expensive pension liabilities.


The date may not be that far off, maybe only a couple years away, if they don’t get to keep their sales tax increase, can’t come up with some new taxes, and/or run out of ways to hide the financial mess they have created.

Mr. Holly

I guess this is the real example of what a nice city San Luis Obispo is. How much longer can the cover up go on?


Sounds like it’s going t get nasty all over again!! Police protection in the city @ more than

$100k per officer isn’t enough; they are seeking more pay followed by 50-90% of salary

when they retire. They should count they lucky stars that they have a job where pulling

out their revolver takes place at the shooing range.

We should all be lucky enough to work for this city; if I had to do over again I would be

an SLO employee!!


“Revolvers”? Are you serious? SLOPD cops carry semi-automatic pistols with “high capacity” magazines (able to hold more than 10 rounds) that are now denied to John and Jane Q. Public by state law. ;)


Wasn’t the purpose of this change because most cities in California can’t afford the Fire and Police retirement pensions? Especially when retirees are allowed to pile their vacation and sick pay onto to the last year of employment.

This is going on all over the once-golden state. Read the metropolitan newspapers.


I could not have said it better. I’ve been doing it all wrong! Don’t put your neck out and be a entrepreneur…just get a job with some California city and you’re on easy street. I blew it!


Absolutely. It used to be that gov’t employees were low paid. In return not much was expected from them, they had lifetime employment and excellent pensions.

NOW they get paid more (often a great deal more) than those in the public sector, they still have lifetime employment, their pensions are absolutely obscene and their still isn’t much expected of them.

Something will eventually give and it’s going to be gruesome…


Four options exist here: (1) Marx did this or had this done to her car to muster support for appealing binding arbitration, (2) someone broke into her car to steal things – valuables, (3) someone broke into her car to steal drugs which she wouldn’t report, (4) someone actually vandalized her car. Odds are this was not vandalism, well not in the traditional sense. Lets see the car was vandalized at 1:40 pm, can anyone account for Codron’s or Litchig’s whereabouts at this time?


Let’s account for all the LE and Fire union members first, anyone know where Mr. Mason was at that time?


All unions, both pubic sector and private sector unions, are affiliated with organized crime gangsters.

If the currently overgenerous pay and benefits isn’t good enough for the greedy monsters, let them seek employment elsewhere.

Public servants are supposed to be serving the public, not themselves.

All union thugs are invited to go straight to hell.


You forgot one (5) Ms. Marx arranged this before the upcoming vote to continue the sales tax increase so that if approved she can funnel the money to the police and fire salaries and benefits to help regain their support she lost when she orignally supported repealing binding arbitration.


No, it isn’t very pretty what a town without pity can do……


deja vu Morro Bay….