Paso Robles bank robber sentenced to 5.5 years

March 12, 2014
Bruce Valentine

Bruce Valentine

A Paso Robles man was sentenced Tuesday to five and a half years in prison for robbing a Cambria bank last year.

Bruce Franklin Valentine, 70, a former Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputy, plead guilty to robbing a Rabobank in November. He fled the bank with about $3,000 cash in a rental car, was pulled over, let go, and then arrested a week later.

The night of the robbery, Valentine went to the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore. Casino officials said he had gambled more than $300,000 in 2013 and lost more than $16,000.

Before his arrest, Valentine was supporting a disabled daughter and two grandchildren.

Because of his law enforcement background, Valentine will likely spend his incarceration in isolation to protect him from other inmates.



If this guy has a pension from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept., it should be used to pay for his incarceration and also to reimburse the victim at the bank and the bank. He gets a whopping pension at taxpayers’ expense and is now incarcerated at taxpayers’ expense, which includes Cadillac medical care. He will come out of prison with probably $300K in savings given his pension and having had all his living expenses paid for during that time – hardly seems fair to me!


No pension. He was injured Off Duty and unable to return to work, so step down off your soap box and go on to the next article.


There has been quite a few things here at CCN lately, where I have said I am ALWAYS with the victim. The victim (teller) here, who hasn’t hardly left her home in four months, expect to go to Doctor’s appointments said……….This event has changed my life FOREVER!!!

Next time you might feel a bit of a pang in your gut for some perp who had a bad upbringing or whatever whiny crap, think about this VICTIM’S WORDS!!!!!!


Rob a bank, get 5 1/2 years. Rob the evidence room and some junkies get 18 months. This guy should have picked a better target.


is it coincidence or subliminal manipulation that Rab-o-banks always seem to be the ones being “Rabbed”. May be time for some rebranding.