Storm swells damage Central Coast piers and restaurants

March 2, 2014

avila pier2Large storm swells damaged the Avila Beach, Goleta and the Gaviota piers and several restaurants during Saturday’s storm.

Deck boards on a section of the Avila Beach Pier were disconnected after being battered by large waves that accompanied the morning’s high tide. The pier remains closed on Sunday.

In Santa Barbara County, about one third of the Gaviota Pier collapsed into the Pacific Ocean early Saturday morning. During high tide, waves broke over the pier taking out some pilings and about a 50-foot portion of the pier.

Gaviota State Park officials are concerned that continued storm swells could further damage the pier and take out a boat hoist.

While the Goleta Pier had some planks displaced, waves battering the nearby Beachside Bar-Cafe swept one employee into the ocean and under the pier before he was able to get out of the water. Another employee was pushed into the restaurant by a large wave.

The Beachside restaurant’s exterior and interior were  damaged during the storm. At the nearby Moby Deck Restaurant, waves broke out windows.