Atascadero considering sales tax hike

April 21, 2014

atascadero_sign_photoThe Atascadero City Council will consider Tuesday whether or not to put a sales tax increase on the November ballot.

City staff has proposed placing a half cent sales tax measure on the ballot. The ballot initiative would call for a general tax but with direction to primarily use the funds for road maintenance and repair.

Staff is also suggesting alternative language that would direct most of the funds to the roads, while money would also go to parks, storm drains and the city zoo.

If the council were to place a specific tax measure on the ballot, it would require a 67 percent vote in order to pass. A general tax measure requires just a majority vote.

The staff proposal would raise sales tax to 8 percent in Atascadero. Currently, Atascadero is the only city in San Luis Obispo County that does not have an 8 percent sales tax rate.

Staff says the tax measure would raise $1.7 million to $2 million annually.

Four of the five council members must support the measure in order to place it on the ballot.


Don’t believe the lies about road repairs.

Sales taxes are about protecting the greedy fraud, waste and abuse and organized-crime thuggery of the public-sector unions.

The only thing being “repaired” is the bank accounts of the greedy, organized-crime, public-sector unions.


Emboldened by our current President, all Government agencies throughout the country actually nelieve they have the moral high ground to confiscate whatever property, albeit a hay penny sales tax or a heard of cattle, is necessary for the good of “the collective”.

In reality there is no collective, there are only ever bloating beaurocracies, none of which produce anything, that continue to consume while at the same time vilifying the hand that feeds them.

Dare to vote against a sales tax increase and you will be called selfish, greedy, and that you must not want firefighters, paved roads, and children not to starve, and the planet to not burn up. It is too late to stop it at the National level because there is no accountability. It must be stopped locally. Slay the dragon, Atascadero.

Kevin 99

What a great, steaming pile of manure.

I don’t even want to hear about the confiscation of a “heard” of cattle from this lying welfare cowboy whose family didn’t even purchase that property until 1948. He is a moocher–stealing from me, from you, and the rest of us who are the co-owners of federal land.

Maybe I should drive up to Yosemite, plow through the gate at the entrance kiosk, refuse to pay the $20 and, when the Federal rangers approach me, point my rifle at them and threaten to shoot them or, perhaps, push my wife, sister and daughter in front of me so they can shoot them first. Hey–why not? I’m the owner!!

There IS a collective, you know, and it is “We the people,” and “E pluribus unum,” and that is what America represents. Get on board.