Former Central Coast police officer arrested for stealing medicine

April 10, 2014
Michael South

Michael South

A former officer with the Grover Beach and Atascadero police departments was arrested on burglary, elder abuse and possession of stolen property charges on March 31.

Michael Glen South, 57, is accused of using his position as the security director of the University Village senior living community in Thousand Oaks to burglarize homes. Because of possible emergency issues with seniors, South had key access to each residence.

Following up on a tip, officers served a search warrant at South’s home where they discovered multiple items believed to be stolen including guns, jewelry and medications.

In 2007, Atascadero fired Smith for sexual harassment and lying during a background check. Prior to working for Atascadero, Smith had been employed as a Grover Beach police officer from 1995 to 2002.


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The massive amount of power (law) in our society given to the lowest form.

This is interesting as I knew of another Rest Home/ Board and Care in that area where stuff would just get up and walk off. Nothing was ever done. Sad

Now that we know about South, I want to know more about Smith and why he got fired from Atascadero PD.

To Serve and Collect.

Must be a friend of Cory Pierce.

And Dan McDow (who was also accused of elder abuse and caught with medication that he shouldn’t have possessed)

This rest home is guilty of not following the clues. They hired a guy to run Security- knowing he was fired with good cause from his previous employer? He shouldn’t have been allowed to work in their kitchen, let alone a position involving trust and honesty. I smell a law suit coming their way.

A dirty narc ripping off drug dealers…an oxymoron at best. Too funny.

If he was abusing his power as a security guard to rip off the elderly, I can just imagine what he did under the color of authority as a police officer. No doubt he ripped off plenty of drug dealers and homes that he searched.

This makes me so angry, the elderly often can’t afford the medications that they need for life itself and this a–hole was stealing it from them.

The badge-heavy thug has probably framed the innocent.

Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse.