Supervisor promoting new water pipeline

April 27, 2014
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson is spearheading plans to construct two water pipelines to provide surplus water from Nacimiento Lake to the county during times state water is in short supply.

At a cost of about $3 million, the almost mile-long pipeline is projected to bring emergency water supplies to Morro Bay and multiple public facilities on Highway 1 in northern San Luis Obispo County. County public works engineers are completing plans for the pipeline which is slated to only be used when state water is unavailable.

Gibson, a vocal opponent of desalination, is in favor of the project because it diversifies water sources for several facilities currently dependent on state water.

Nevertheless, at times of severe drought, both state water and Nacimento Lake water are in short supply. The state Drought Task Force is recommending desalination plants on the Central Coast.

“On the Central Coast, they have in the past looked at desalination,” said Bill Croyle, director of the state Drought Task Force. “So if we lose our groundwater and surface water, we are going to go to the ocean. It is going to be expensive, but you bring in mobile plants and fire them up.”

Several years ago, the $176 million dollar controversial Nacimiento Water Project pipeline was completed. While promoted by some San Luis Obispo County staffers and officials, opponents of the pipeline argued for a desalination plant contending that during a serious drought water levels at the lake would be miniscule.


The cliche “follow the money” may well apply here. What is Gibson’s profit in this project?

Desal projects are at least tapping AVAILABLE water supplies.


Interesting insight, justchuck. Local engineering companies have always used local government to ensure that they get plenty of work – and money. Putting in that pipeline will give somebody a nice profit at our expense.


“Desal projects are at least tapping AVAILABLE water supplies.” And speeding up global warming so that MB, Cayucos, Los Osos, Pismo, etc. will soon be under water. Nobody needs desal. Just use less water and we’ll be fine.


So, lessee, Gibson is against desal plants, and wants to tap the challenged Nacimiento resource. SLO county’s share is just a speck of the full lake, so we’re talking IGNORING the advancing and abundant technology of desal, ON THE WHIM of Gibson? In favor of an over-subscribed mudhole? The coves I learned to ski on in the 50’s are PARCHED.

Vote him out, folks. Irons too.

The lack of public works facility knowledge of these two green-think DINGBATS is appalling. BTW, brutally COSTLY also. Save yourselves. Elect somebody with balanced thinking.


Gee, he must be responsible for the drought too?

the guy paso

Where dies this “almost mile long” pipeline begin and end? Is the water just hitching a ride (free) to travel from Naci to damn near MB?

fishing village

Bruce Gibson is once again thinking out of the box, his support to bring water to communities (I live in MB), when our State water isn’t available will help us a lot. Desalination is very expensive, so this pipe line is especially useful. As a county resident I thank Bruce Gibson for his attention to our water needs. Keep Bruce in office!!


I might agree with you if I thought that there would be any significant water in Nacimiento when it is needed most. But I doubt it — very much. The only real benefit of this proposal would be the construction jobs it would create and I think that if we are going to spend public funds on job creation projects, there must be much more practical things we can build.

Also, I don’t trust Gibson even when I do think he is on the right side of issues. He has a disturbing arrogance about his demeanor and a tendency to act as if laws and ethics do not apply to him.


I agree. Given the timing of this exercise, I suspect it’s a political move designed to impress people – making them think Gibson actually cares about providing water for County residents. HOWEVER, as you say, we don’t even know if there would be water in the lake when it is needed. Looks to me like this may be just another political dog and pony show – and an expensive one at that.


Actually, he’s been spending too much time thinking IN the box. That’s what has gotten him in so much trouble.


Is that you Adam? Bruce’s box is so small he has very little option when it comes to thinking outside of it! Don’t you have anything else to do Adam?


No…I’m not Adam. That’s not what I was referring to at all….Think again, it will come to you eventually.

Noodly Appendages

This Gibson guy seems to really enjoy sticking his straw into dried up mud holes.


Thank you. I agree, there are other sources we haven’t adequately explored. Couple days ago I was talking to a Cambria man about the 15/100-20/100 ” of rain we received. He said he has four drain spouts going into four 30 gallon garbage cans that he just bought. The minimal amount of rain we received filled all of them!

Ted Slanders

Please, I beg my fellow Christians to come forth in numbers and provide the following so we can end this drought and then we can stick our tongues out at the non-believers!

Within the Hebrew God’s bible, the Christian is given solace in knowing directly by Jesus Himself that when praying they will receive their prayer requests if they actually BELIEVE that they will receive them. It is that simple.

Jesus stated; “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22) Key word: “believe”

Jesus stated; “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11, 24) Key word: “believe”

Now, the rub. Obviously many Christians have been praying for this drought to end quickly within the context of the passages above, but their prayers, to date, have obviously gone unanswered. Therefore, we can only logically assume by Jesus’ own words, that the Christians that are praying in this respect, do not BELIEVE enough, or at all. Blasphemy!

Fellow Christians, we all have to BELiEVE in Jesus when we pray for this drought to end, God only knows that I do, now, it’s your turn to pick up the rest and really believe to get this drought over with. I deplore you to get on board this time!

If the drought continues, then its the Christians fault. How sad.

Old Salt

Dialogs with the Devil

By Taylor Caldwell

Are we the holders of Gods secrets?

Do we know the future as He knows it?

Are we of His Mind, though we are of His essence? Can we create Life, as He creates it?Can we lift the systems and the universes out of chaos and nothingness, and set them to singing with the harmonies of Heaven?

No, these are not in our power.

Our Father has His reasons.


I have not seen Taylor Caldwell quoted in a long while. Her books are amazing. Thanks Old Salt.

Old Salt


I like how the “mind” of Taylor Caldwell reasons and thinks out our existence both physically and eternally (via GOD, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)…as opposed to Steven Hawking’s (THE MIND) and other atheistic Scientist’s flawed view of our “mortal being”, being (Microsoft Word) “an instantaneous flash of light in the midst of eternal night.”

Old Salt

We Believe

Kevin 99

Hey, Ted, maybe we can get Fred Phelps to come and protest at the funerals of the innocents!! Oh, wait…. I forgot… Fred already is getting nice and toasty brown on the spit right now. Interesting how those who proclaim their righteousness are so often covering up their own peccadilloes. I don’t suppose that includes you, does it? Of course it does.

Old Salt

Kevin 99

Well said…

Ted Slanders

Old Salt, DJ, Fred, and Kevin99,

Your locked closed minds obviously haven’t noticed that you did not address my initial post of why California is in a severe drought, and that is because Christians aren’t believing enough when they pray. All you four could do is run away from the FACT that Jesus states with specificity, and as an absolute, that if one truly believes as a Christian, then their prayers are answered.

The only entities that you as ungodly souls could proffer in response to the above godly facts was false premises, child like platitudes, and wishful thinking! You all represent what a true “pseudo-christian” acts like, in that you all came up with enough red herrings to choke SeaWorld’s killer whale Shamu!

Well done in letting everyone know that you are not true Christians, but only the dime-a-dozen white-bread “Cultural Christians”, in name only that we see ad infinitum here on CCN.

I have never seen such insolence to the Hebrew God’s true word in my life, but here on Cal Coast News. Total blasphemy! I am sure that my God is saving the hottest place in Hell for all of you upon your demise, praise!


A typical christian, et al “post hoc rationalization fallacy.” If it doesn’t happen it must be that you didn’t pray, repent, etc. enough. Phooey!


And the Lord said to Noah….”How long can you tread water?”

(Pelican 20:14)


I see no problem with the county tapping into. Just as soon as they pay a share back to the city of Paso and others along the route that paid into. If not………….the county can get BENT!!!


What happened to the desal plant in Morro Bay? Is it operational?


It is operational but not permitted. The plant was constructed in 1992 during a drought emergency. It was permitted as a “temporary emergency” facility and thus didn’t have to adhere to all the usual permitting rules. Because of that, the permit was only good for 5 years, after which the City was supposed to get a new one.

That original emergency permit ran out a very long time ago, and the plant was not used for a long time. The Morro Bay City staff never bothered to get a new permit when they reactivated and expanded the plant in 2009. They are currently working on getting a new permit. Hopefully that will be accomplished soon.


Thanks for the update.

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