SLO garage fire under criminal investigation

April 28, 2014

fire111San Luis Obispo police are investigating suspicious objects that may have caused a garage fire Sunday afternoon. [KSBY]

Around 3 p.m. Sunday, a fire broke out in the garage of a home in the 500 block of Stoneridge Drive in San Luis Obispo. The fire injured one man who went to the hospital for treatment.

After firefighters extinguished the blaze, investigators found suspicious objects in the garage. Police now consider the house a crime scene but did not elaborate on what they found.

Several fires that have occurred in San Luis Obispo County homes in recent years have been ignited by hash oil labs.



  1. BigRed says:

    Not just a hash lab “A unique hash oil store” (jingle)

  2. October says:

    Those are nice homes in that neighborhood. Not where you’d expect to find a drug operation.

    • achillesheal says:

      Business must be quite profitable if it was in fact a drug operation. No taxes to pay either, just the annoying inconvience of the occassional fire and subsequent investigation.

    • mkaney says:

      It’s just a couple local boys trying to make hash from a can or two of butane.. It’s stupid, but it’s not what it sounds like.

      • achillesheal says:

        One in jail, the other in Sierra Vista and an exploding garage in a dense residential neighborhood. Not quite Heisenberg, bur still a pretty big deal.

      • SLOLibChik says:

        Actually, no. They do this for a living – illegally.

    • SLOLibChik says:

      His family is rich (owners of All That Glitters).

  3. kayaknut says:

    Maybe we finally discovered where all the Gibson email were being stored

  4. jarhead says:


    • mkaney says:

      No dude, not a meth lab but nice to see how well you’ve been programmed.. Just a couple dumbasses trying to make their own hash. “Lab” is a bit of a stretch as it is.

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