Cal Poly radio station hosts offer genital photos in fundraiser

May 28, 2014

getting it onBy KAREN VELIE

Two California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo students, hosts on the university’s KCPR-FM radio station, offered photos of their genitals and rectums during the station’s April fundraiser.

Logan Cooper and Sean Martinez host KCPR’s sex talk show, “Getting It In,” which has featured topics such as how to ask for oral sex and ways to experiment with the same sex. During the fundraiser, the pair asked supporters to make $20 cash donations. In return, the pair would post the photos online on Snapchat.

“For only $20 dollars you can have a week of sexy Snapchats featuring the hosts of ‘Getting It In,’ ” the fundraising announcement on Facebook said. “If you have ever been curious about which one of us has a birthmark on our penis or which one of us has a tighter butt hole, this is your chance to find out.”

The pair insisted on cash payments.

“Assemble $20 dollars of CASH ONLY (checks, gift cards or pre-paid credit cards will be shredded justly and promptly.),” the announcement read.

CalCoastNews contacted the offices of Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong and university Provost Kathleen Enz Finken. Both offices promised responses from the officials. But later, both offices referred questions to the university’s media relations Director Matt Lazier.

“This fundraiser activity was organized and carried out without authorization from faculty and staff in the department,” Lazier said adding that most of CCN’s questions would not be answered. “As well, university administration is investigating the matter to determine if any student conduct violations may have occurred.”

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Doug Epperson was not available to comment about the radio station, part of the university’s journalism department.

Richard Gearhart, the faculty member in charge of the station, declined to comment beyond saying that he had been directed not to speak.

Mary Glick, chair of the journalism department, said initially that she had started an investigation and that she had no idea how much money was raise, but declined further comment.

The college had been warned about the possibility of problems with the station several months ago. Department Coordinator Tess Serna said she informed Dean Epperson that the station had gone rogue and asked that her name be taken off of the station’s Federal Communication Commission license.

“I met with the dean in January and said they were not being supervised and something bad could happen,” Serna said.

The students could not be reached and their show was taken out of the station’s lineup.

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Real classy!

Ted Slanders

If one is a TRUE Christian, I don’t understand why they are getting so upset over how these students are raising money for this fundraiser by showing their manly parts.

Our Hebrew God Yahweh, or Jesus as God of the Trinity, you pick which version you accept, was a voyeur of women’s genitalia in the same vein as these two Cal Poly students, and our God wasn’t fundraising! He was just upset with haughty women and gave them scabs on their heads, but at the same time, He peeped at their privates.

The Lord says “Because the daughters of Zion are haughty and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and THE LORD WILL DISCOVER THEIR SECRET PARTS.” [Isiah 3:16-17 KJV]


Our monotheistic, original God of Creation is truly a very cunning wordsmith !

Praise !


Kind of kinky, really. Kind of like S&M-lite.

Ted Slanders

Mary, Sister of Eve,

I am NOT going to ask the obvious question on how you know what S&M lite is like.

You’re welcome.


Our best and brightest hard at work.


Cal Poly has always had a large broom to sweep stuff like this under a rug. If this is an institution of higher learning, then start acting like learned student rather than morons. I’m embarrassed to say I retired from there!


Howard Stern has been doing this shock jock crap for years. No social redeeming value, and certainly no creative value, Hopefully these two will be embarassed (pun intended) by their behavior some day.

Thankfully, youth comes but once in a lifetime.


I think that is the point missing here. KCPR used to stand for something and was a valuable learning tool for broadcast students. Many alumni will tell you it was one of, if not the most valuable experiences of their college career. There is a very active online community of KCPR alumni and it would be interesting to know what they think of the station selling porn to raise money. This lack of regulation is a stark contrast to Cal Poly Greek organizations. Do they still assign trainers to their DJ’s? If the administrators don’t know how much money they made, how do they even know if the money went to support the station? I wonder if the station is loving the free exposure (no pun intended) they are getting right now. Frankly, I don’t see the point in having a radio station at Cal Poly if no one is paying attention to what the dj’s are doing, and the students involved obviously are not taking it seriously.


Commenters are certainly making a lot of assumptions here including you nocalsignora. How many DJs do you suppose there are if everyone still gets one show per week? 50? 100? Because two that host the same show made a bad choice, that means all of the others are no longer getting an educational experience? Greek organizations really? Death and rapes have been reported out of greek organizations…I don’t think nude pictures is a fair comparison. Where did you read that administrators don’t know how much money was raised? Again, why do you assume that none of the DJs are taking their role seriously?


“Mary Glick, chair of the journalism department, said initially that she had started an investigation and that she had no idea how much money was raise, but declined further comment.”

Laner, did you read the article?


“This lack of regulation is a stark contrast to Cal Poly Greek organizations.” Of course, you overlook that KCPR is responsible to authorities higher than you or your notion of “regulation” — like the FCC. And as far as we know, these kids behaved perfectly acceptably on air. Really, why all this umbrage over some “dirty” photos! Do you close your eyes when you look into a mirror? Thought not. Just a dumb idea carried out by some kids who haven’t grown up yet. Did you never do anything distastefully stupid when you were young? In the larger scheme of things, murdering your fraternity brother by forcing alcohol consumption and then not taking him to the hospital when he passes out can’t even be seriously mentioned in the same breath as this alleged “crime.” Get some perspective.


I am not judging them for selling dirty photos. I just don’t understand why they have to use their association with the college and the radio station to do it. They did make bad decisions. Why not pitch the ideas to their professor (maybe they did). Our fundraisers were organized when I was in college. We didn’t just take it upon ourselves to do fund raisers without checking with someone higher up. Presumably to avoid the consequence of carrying out a really bad decision.

The only reason I mentioned the fraternities is that they can’t even have a party without permission. Why is the radio station doing this without permission? The Mustang Daily has run stories all year about the fraternities. Why are we only reading about this on CCN?


A pretty dumb adolescent idea to come up with. But, hey, at least they’re not hung up like so many adults are.

Mr. Holly

Our tax money going towards a higher education. There will not be any ramifications over this because this will be completely acceptable by the university. Could this possibly be why SLO is the happiest place to live?


Never heard of them or their station


So what? If you don’t like the content they offer, don’t tune in. If you don’t want to see their photos, don’t send them 20 bucks. Is it that hard?


funny straight line


So how would these geniuses know that they were not sending porn to kids? I think that would be illegal and get people arrested. There is one difference it makes.


I am sorry, but as a taxpayer I do care about the use of government funds for this type of activity on a public funded station..

If this was a privately owner station I would totally agree with you.

I am sure Cal Poly will do nothing about this as Mr. Armstrong doesn’t care anything this community, its citizens, or right from wrong. Pull speed ahead for Mr. Armstrong!


What makes you think this was done with “government funds?” The activity was entirely off-air, on the internet, not on state internet sites but on private capitalistic internet sites (unless you think Facebook is part of the government). So this is no more government funded than whatever you do on Facebook is government funded.

In fact, the reason they were forced to engage in fund raising is precisely because their radio station isn’t adequately government funded. The kids have to go hat in hand to beg money to stay on the air. That’s why this happened. If there were adequate government funds that this “educational program” of the university didn’t have to go begging, none of this would have ever happened. But, heck, I suppose you’d object to your government funds going to fund education, so let the kids beg, and sell what they must to stay on the air. Geez, they can’t win either way.


I would strongly suggest you reread the above article and the attachments which maybe or may not be facebook or google related but clearly states “KCPR 91.3” which makes it use of government funds. Or, was this a fraud and therefore they should be arrested.

Either way hijinks, you can’t spin this to make it right, sorry!

Ted Slanders


We can only assume that for it to be “hard” would cost another twenty bucks!