California shootout leaves suspect dead, deputy injured

May 27, 2014

gunA traffic stop in Compton Monday morphed into a shootout in Long Beach that left the suspect dead and a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy wounded. [NBC LA]

During the traffic stop Monday morning, the suspect, a man in his 20s, engaged in a struggle with two deputies and then fled by foot. The deputies caught up with the suspect and another struggle ensued in which the man attempted to seize one of the deputies’ guns. A shootout then began, Sheriff’s Lieutenant Steve Jauch said.

Witnesses reported hearing several rounds of gunfire. The suspect died on the scene, and a deputy suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach but survived.

Sheriff’s homicide detectives are investigating the shooting to determine whether the deputies’ use of deadly force was justified.

Neighbors described the suspect as a good guy who was planning to finish college. Some suggested the deputies instigated the shooting as part of an ongoing power struggle in the area.

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Have you ever had any interaction with the LACSO? Do you know anything of their prosecuted and found guilty past bad deeds or the ones they are currently under investigation for? If you did you’d probably be less likely to jump to any conclusions before all is said and done in this matter.

Good guys #1, bad guys 0…..

What makes you think that cops are the good guys?

Please define “good guys”; is that all members of law enforcement, even if they happen to have a few “rotten apples”?