Morua sentenced, slams Congresswoman Lois Capps

May 29, 2014
Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

After a Santa Barbara Superior Court judge sentenced Congresswoman Lois Capps’ former representative Raymond Morua to 20 years to life for manslaughter, Morua apologized to the victim’s family before making harsh accusations against his former boss. [KEYT]

In December, Morua, 32, left a holiday party he was attending as Capp’s representative, struck and killed Dies and then fled the scene. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Wednesday. Morua will be eligible for parole after serving 10 years in prison.

In a statement to the court, Morua slammed Capps for not taking any responsibility for Dies death and for deceiving Dies’ family. Morua’s attorney Darryl Genis said Capps is clearly putting her family and her interests ahead of those of the Dies’ family.

“I am disappointed in her slanderous attempt to assassinate my character and to deny the fact that I was on the job the night of the accident,” Morua said at his sentencing. “The lengths they are willing to go to distance themselves from me and the truth is appalling.”

Capps said she is praying for the family and denied that Morua was working as her representative when he attended the holiday party, Capps said in a statement to KYET

“Raymond attended the Santa Barbara Independent party of his own volition,” Capps said. “Regardless, no one should ever get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence.”

Shortly after Morua was arrested, Capps’ staffers allegedly forged documents in an attempt to get Morua out of jail and into a rehab center for vets. After Dies was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support, Capps’ office began claiming that Morua was not authorized to attend the Santa Barbara Independent holiday party and that he may have taken the invitation he used to enter the party off another staffer’s desk.


This is one of those threads where I agree with both sides to a certain extent. The dirtbag is a moron and a coward for blaming Capps for his own stupidity. Capps’ shenanigans in the aftermath are just as embarrassing.


Your first “dirtbag” is going to jail, your second one sits in congress and tells her district what to do, hmmmmmmm


Morua has been sentenced 20 years to life in jail and we have been sentenced 20 years to life with no possibility of parole with this buffoon as our congresswoman. I think his sentence is more tolerable than ours.


The reality is that Capps is merely a puppet for the DNC. Capps has very little intellect and can do little harm or good. She is controlled 100% by the DNC. So the real issue is that the Central Coast has no representation in Congress we are just one of many rubber stamps for the Democrat central committee agenda.


+1, isoslo. Actually, you hit the ten-X ring on that one.

Right on target. Capps=no representation.


I think that is a bit of an exaggeration. However it is close enough to the truth for me to want a change too. I suspect that Capps’ problem is more a lack of leadership than being a complete puppet. However, the net result is the same so it is time for her to go. I just wish the GOP would be smart enough to nominate a moderate to oppose her so that the choice would be palatable enough to attract the moderate voters needed to win.


So the bum gets drunk, drives anyway, kills somebody, then speeds away and tries to hide — then he says it’s all Capps’ fault. Brilliant! Says a lot about HIS character.


Who really expects honesty from ‘most’ elected officials?

Capps started her political career with a lie; that she would not seek election after finishing her husband Walter’s term.

fishing village

You need to hear all sides of the story before passing judgement and even then you don’t know for sure! It is a sad situation for everyone. my heart is sickened for the family, the man, Morua, and the Congresswaman Capps those who work for her and tried to help.


fishingvillage….REALLY? With all due respect your heart is sickened for Moura and Ms. Capps? Who is the man? REALLY? Being a nurse that deals with families and fatalities often, I see the ugly heart wrenching repercussions of what has happened here. How did Ms. Capps try to help? Please enlighten me. Was it AFTER her aide killed this young woman?

geeeesh!!!! Are you for real?



I am starting to believe that you may be Lois herself. Or possibly one of her underlings perhaps?

Yes, we do need to hear all sides of the story first. But I would like to add that Ms. Capps is a Congresswoman for crying out loud! She is a part of our highest form of Government. Now I could grandstand and blame her party for her actions, but I won’t. Because this type of [hers right now] behavior extends across all political affilitations in this day.

We elect these people to represent us. “THE PEOPLE”. But more and more, over the course of time, those we elect to the highest offices in our land, tend to take upon themselves a deity complex. Money, esteem, accolades, special favor. The list of what I will refer to as narcissism is endless.

Ms. Capps is no more than a human being. She is not some kind of goddess. She, like the rest of us are prone to sinful tendancies. However, as an elected official who takes an oath to uphold the very Constitution of this [once] great nation, by virtue of the fact that she is a MEMBER of the CONGRESS of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, has an even greater responsibility to be HONEST, and FORTHCOMING, not only to those she represents and who vote for her, but for the rest of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

The actions of ALL our elected representatives has an IMPACT on ALL AMERICANS. Regardless of political affiliation.

Attempt to insert yourself for one moment in the Dies family and their pain. Their sorrow. Their loss of a beloved daughter.

Are we “THE PEOPLE” so much less in the eyes of our elected officials? This seems to be the norm these days.That Ms. Capps and her staff would do [because of her position], the unthinkable and cover up of the facts of that fateful evening? Mind boggling. Sickening.

Lastly, [and this may offend some, but I care not].

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior; Comfort and strengthen the Dies family, Raymond Moura, and the Moura family. They as we, suffer. In Your precious Name, Amen.


Amen. Raymond Moura did the right thing pleading guilty. Reading her quotes, it seems Ms.Capps is incapable of doing the right thing. Even at the expense of Mallory’s family. Very disheartening.


What a POS. Bah, haw, it’s not my fault. My employer forced me to got to that party. My employer forced me to drink until I was sh!t-faced. My employer forced me to drive while I was drunk. My employer forced me to hit and kill that woman. My employer forced me to leave the scene of the accident. I’m not responsible, it was all my employer’s fault!


I hope the Dies family proceeds with their law suit. Besides the stupidity of hiring employees without a criminal background check, the idea of Capps office forging VA documents and denying that Morua was working the party for them, is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.


Citizen. I agree. Although I am not a fan of lawsuits unless clearly warranted, some accountability in this case would be nice. Accountability from Ms.Capps, her staff and Moura just for beginners. Once they are done blaming each other, perhaps the courts could get down to business and dish out each, their fair slice of pie. My heart goes out to Malory Rae and her family which I noticed no one has mentioned here. SO SAD.


The behavior of Lois Capps in this horrible tragedy should be reason enough not to vote for her on Tuesday. ANYBODY BUT CAPPS


If we can’t have honesty in a elected representative we are in trouble. Lois Capps certainly hasn’t been honest with her district, we still do not know the complete truth but we do know Ms. Capps had no intention to tell us the truth.


I have to agree with Capps on one thing, he should not have gotten behind the wheel of a car. Whether he was working or not is beyond the point, he choose to drink and drive, and then leave the scene of the crime. And this is not the first time he has had a hit and run.

Take some personal responsibility Mr. Morua, YOU choose to drink, YOU choose to drive, YOU choose the things that caused this lady to lose her life. What is Capps said you were working for her that night, does that take away in any way,shape or form, the fact YOU got in the a car and drove, NO!!!

Unless they held you down and forced the drinks down your throat, and then held a gun to your head and told you to drive, you are the one who killed her.

At least you plead guilty and saved the family some anguish, but in the end as an adult you are responsible for your actions. And to think you could get out in 10 years after killing someone and doing this crime twice in your life, now that really makes me sick.

I hope you are in there for at least 20 years, and my heart goes out to the Dies family.

So sorry you lost a loved one because of the stupidity of one man.