Paso police nab four suspects with warrants

May 28, 2014

pasopolicePaso Robles police detectives patrolling a residential area on Saturday found four suspects with outstanding warrants hanging out in a single garage.

Special Enforcement Team detectives spotted 27-year-ol Shane Parker, a known warrant suspect, sitting in a garage in the 200 block of Vine Street around 6:43 p.m. Upon entering the garage, the detectives determined that three other people inside also had outstanding warrants.

Police arrested Paso Robles residents Corina Sue Sundahl, 22; Zane Allen Cokely, 28; and Julianna Lynn Bryant, 19, in addition to Parker.

The detectives also found .5 grams of heroin in the garage, which Cokely claimed belonged to him. They also discovered .06 grams of heroin in Bryant’s clothing.

Both Cokely and Bryant received charges of possession of a controlled substance, in addition to the outstanding warrant charge. Police booked all four suspects in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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Birds of a feather. No doubt chatting about how this is the last time that they’re going to shoot up and from now on they’re going straight.