Lompoc police officer arrested

May 28, 2014
Sgt. Joseph Stetz

Sgt. Joseph Stetz

A Lompoc Police Department sergeant was arrested Friday for allegedly making criminal threats and vandalism. He was the second Lompoc police officer arrested this year.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested Sgt. Joseph Stetz following a dispute at his home outside the Lompoc city limits. Stetz was released from the Santa Barbara County Jail after posting $50,000 bail.

Sgt. Stetz has been placed on paid administrative leave.

In March, deputies arrested Lompoc police officer David Garcia officer on suspicion of drunken driving after the off-duty officer slammed into a tree and then allegedly took off.

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There is more to the story. You would think differently about him if you knew the whole story. His wife was going to bring a psycho she just met over the internet to their house and she is having an affair with this man. You would flip out too if your wife was going to bring a creepy con man around your kids and have an affair right in front of you.

Simple solution: take the children and leave. It sounds like, as a cop, he thought was going to control the situation. This control mentality needs to go.

Lets see if we can guess the sequence of events: taxpayer paid vacation for minimum 6 -9 months, worthless internal investigation, possible termination followed by threat of lawsuit, costing taxpayers even more money, spineless leaders bring him back with even more back pay of taxpayer funds. Of course this is just a guess but it has happened before so it will likely happen again.