Woman leaves baby alone in hot car

May 16, 2014

sun heatA 32-year-old Goleta woman faces a possible child endangerment charge after she allegedly left her 9-month-old son unattended in a car, with only the back windows partially rolled down, while she went shopping.

Shortly after 1 p.m., Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a child locked inside a vehicle at the Magnolia Shopping Center in an unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County. The temperature outside at the time was estimated to be about 95 degrees.

Firefighters were able to get the crying child out of the car. The baby was hot, but otherwise in good condition.

The mother returned to her car 10 to 15 minutes later. Deputies released the baby back to her with a referral to Child Welfare Services. Child endangerment charges will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office.

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Yea you little punk

Many errors my wife made in the past, if not for good Samaritans using their own observations and understanding post maternal problems of a woman who recently gave birth who helped search out instead of hastedly wanna be simple (dial 911 off a cell phone) member of the club recognition allowed me to used limited funds to care for the family instead of paying fines and other expenses needlessly.

So let me throw the question back to you, did you feel for the baby or your own ego or simply because you know the law and that only was your soul basis other than it was hot all around for everyone indoors and out! You will not understand this till your amateur little A get older and become a grandfather as I am.

Go ahead and in your bold A case screw everyone likely needlessly with 911 on a dime before you access.

You obviously don’t care about the mother even though she made a judgement error but top say what you said about the mother tells me you don’t know S!

Yes I too would have called 911 at a given point and time but to me , all of you and you logical deductions are fos.

If its not your baby why do you even give a s … and judge with insuficent facts, after all the authoritites released the child back to the mother, that said something.

If you really cared, do you 911 conviently and simple first or look at the condition, and searh for the mother first because you care?

Now that the authorities referred the cae to the

DA, she will be charged and fined ($1000 and $1500 for public defender) is she to bring a crying baby into the court?

Minimum of $2500 is food taken out of the family mouth, adding to the already difficulty of having the expense of a child if she is going to make payments.

If she is on welfare, its on the tax payers.

Do you critics really care!

Call 911 for anything, your all a bunch of miserable self serving simplistic.

F everyone needlessly 911 and conveniently and don’t say you did it because you were worried about the baby and mother unless you made an earnest civilian effort.

Search for the mother first?? So you think that shows you care more to leave the child in the HOT car and go look for the mother rather than call 911? What do you do, go into the store and yell out “HEY who is the mother of the unattended baby left in the overheated car? Who do you care for more, the neglectful mother of the suffering child? I don’t care about the money. Obviously the mother doesn’t either. She must be mentally disabled in some capacity to even think it’s ok to do what she did. There is zero excuse.

I would have called 911 immediately. One minute saving the crying 9 month old from over heating would be well worth it. The mother needs to be in court, she needs to be reprimanded and taught how to properly care for her own child.


There is insufficient fact to access whether the baby’s mother was in gross derelect, the authorities did fine it under the circumstances to release the baby back to the mother even though it is a crime under CVC.

But don’t post like you give a damn placing you on a high horse as any kind of good samaritan, the post above yours is directed to you.

Put everyone in jail

Oh. And btw….Cindy….Really?

When will this type of thing end? Some human beings should not bring babies into the world.

Yet, they are encourage to do so – especially when unprepared. How else will the state as savior step in and make everything right? Our social engineering creates the environment where this behavior is quite possible. We are bombarded with “me first” or “I deserve” or “my benefits” propaganda and pandering, are we really surprised when we see how many of our fellow citizens (legal or otherwise) react in some situations? We’re all entitled to something; other people can come after.

When we start seeing mothers place their own importance before their children, you know we’ve completely fallen from any sort of grace we may have once had.

As Napoleon dynamite would say “IDIOTl”. It should scare everyone that someone this bright can vote and breed. But they have every right to. How do you think Lois Capps gets reflected every 2 years and Hashtag Obama got elected twice.

Cindy, I hope YOU don’t have any children or we’ll be reading about them next! The mom who left the baby in the car is NOT fit to care for her and I really can’t believe they just let her leave with that baby.

there is never any excuse for leaving a baby/child alone in a car, under any circumstances..

Exactly! Beside the Danger of the heat, who in the world would think it ok to leave a child alone? She obviously is overwhelmed with the care of the child. Crazy stuff!! But in the heat its just cruel. I wouldn’t even leave my dog in the car in the heat.

Who the hell would click on “thumbs down” on your comment, Stunned? Dang.

I didn’t give Stunned a thumbs down however it is currently 100 degrees in A-Town and I just came in from sitting under a tree. There is a light breeze outside despite the hot sun and I wasn’t over heated or uncomfortable in the least while sitting outside for the last 2 hours.

if the car was parked in the shade and there was a slight breeze (we already know both rear windows were partially open for cross ventilation) then it was not a hazard for the child to sit in the car for 15 minutes. What was a hazard is that someone could come along, break the window and steal the baby.

I don’t normally respond to unintelligent comments but really Cindy, One you are probably not 9 months old and two…..read the article…it wasn’t 15 minutes….It was 15 minutes after the police arrived that the mother showed up…How long was the child in the car before someone noticed and called the cops…How long did it take the cops to get there……Thats the time involved and it sure as hell wasn’t 15 minutes. Sheesh !!!!!

You have out done yourself. Your low road approach to humanity is very troubling. God help you if you EVER consider motherhood.

I take my dog almost everywhere.. I had to go into Osty and left my dog in the car “at the most 10 minutes”..All windows down. I would have brought her in, but I thought I was just going to pick up my mother. I sat and looked at the car and she was at the window trying to get out.That’s how hot it was. I took her out and tossed a cup of water over her face and body.. A baby.. would never have been left in a car alone let alone the temperatures… Please..It was even a risk taking a dog out in 100 degree’s.. People in AZ are on your car if they see a dog in it parked..Thankfully this child was OK..

I suggest that you review this article – http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/heat/index.shtml#car

It explains how hot the interior of a car can get – even if the windows are down. IE from 80 to 109 in 20 minutes.

There is no excuse for this behavior.

Cindy, let me just explain that while you were sitting under a tree, on the cool earth, and enjoying the breeze, this child was in a relatively enclosed space that was parked over hot asphalt. The engine, cooling system, and catalytic converter retain enough operational heat that once the engine is turned off, they ALONE can raise the internal temps of the passenger compartment. Any part of the vehicle that is exposed to the sun will quickly become a hot panel and radiate heat into the passenger compartment. If windows are exposed to the sun, they will get hot AND allow energy into the interior. This is exactly why a greenhouse is hot inside, even on a cold day.

The flawed logic you use is also completely irrelevant since YOU can perspire and choose to adjust your clothing; an infant cannot do either really well.

How many children will suffer brain damage or worse before society gets on board with this program?

Perhaps Cindy?….The mother?…A member of the family of the mother?

After 10 or 15 minutes in the cooking car they simply released mom and baby? If it was 95* outside I believe the baby was left in about 105* temps while this stupid lady was in the air conditioned store.