Arroyo Grande man arrested for sexual assault

June 17, 2014

arrestOfficers arrested an Arroyo Grande man Sunday on charges of sexual assault and sodomy after a 12-hour standoff in Curry County Oregon.

On Saturday evening at about 11 p.m., officers went to a home off U.S. Highway 101 where Lorenzo Ignacio King, 42, was house sitting. The plan was to arrest King for the alleged sexual assault of a woman he met in a bar in Brookings.

However, King barricaded himself in a backroom and threatened to kill anyone who tried to enter the room. Officers then asked the state police SWAT team for assistance.

A 12-hour standoff ended after police used tear gas and a stun gun on King.

Once King was in custody, officers discovered he was bleeding heavily from what appeared to be several self-inflicted stab wounds to his leg. Emergency medical personal transported King by helicopter to the Bay Area Hospital.


Man, this is great! It reads like a rough draft of a Stephen King book! Lorenzo randomly engages in a sexual assault, then is quickly hired by someone to house sit in another state. Someone who very poorly screens their house sitters, I might add….just like the woman who poorly screens her “dates” at an unknown bar in Brookings. But then, after hunting down this guy (who is a lousy date and an even worse person to hire for the summer), he is whisked off to…the Bay Area Hospital??? Where does that fit geographically??? Well, folks…despite the fact he was heavily bleeding from stabbing himself, and had just been tear-gassed and stunned with a stun gun–they decide to seek medical treatment….in…OREGON??? Why not a local hospital…you know…due to the profuse bleeding?

Okay, that is it: I hereby declare myself a conspiracy theorist. I have to, you see, or the world will appear so insane and uncaring- that I may, in some form or shape; lose it. Lorenzo was really an MK Ultra Alpha who somehow escaped a new government program that implants violence chips in captive’s brains. Rather than becoming an elite killer, he instead hooked up at a bar and then fled the state. Either way, they whisked him back to his handler in Oregon. Yeah….this stuff goes on all the time. CIA black budget; you know. Or something like that….


I realize you were trying to have a bit of fun with your comment but it doesn’t work for me because your comment seems based on a very different interpretation of the article than mine. One of us had a problem with reading comprehension here.


It doesn’t work for you because my comment seems based on a different interpretation of the article than yours? It could be that we are both just individuals who see things differently. Both of us are to be respected for our unique and individual perspectives and interpretations-and maybe neither of us had any problem at all.

Very old book: I’m OK; You’re OK.

Thank you for your input. I am taking a master’s level class right now on Child Abuse and Psychopathology. It could be that instead of having a “bit of fun” that I am just using dark humor to vent. I assure you, one visual slide in the classroom of a 3 year old with sutures from a sexual assault…and you might be looking at things a bit differently too. Dark humor is frequently used in hospitals too, by doctors and nurses. Sometimes…you have just seen more than you can take for the day.