Cal Poly seeking to fill 165 positions

June 2, 2014

calpolyCal Poly San Luis Obispo is seeking to fill 165 positions putting the brakes on years of class and staff reductions.

The California State University system is under pressure to hire more full-time professors in an attempt to increase student success by helping them to move through the system faster. During the economic decline, the number of full-time faculty fell while the university hired temporary teachers. [LA Times]

Expecting an all-time number of students in the fall, over 760,000, the Cal State system is seeking to hire 700 new full-time teachers. A $124 million increase in state funding last year will help pay teachers’ salaries.

Cal Poly is currently advertising to fill 99 faculty positions, 47 staff positions and 19 management positions.

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A lot of those 99 faculty positions aren’t really what you’d think. Most of them are for “lecturers” or “temporary” faculty, who even if they’ve been around for 10 years must reapply for their positions every single year. It’s a crazy system for them, and the continual ads mislead the public about the amount of hiring. The actual number of “professors” being hired is rather small. The faculty is not about to burst at its seams because of expansion of numbers. Classes will still be tight.

It’s the ridiculous amount of management hiring that should be of concern. The administration at all levels has become bloated, and contributes zero to the university’s purpose, which is educating our kids. Many of the management people are paid MORE than teachers.