Sex trafficking bust saves 27 California minors

June 24, 2014

fbi2A nationwide crackdown on sex trafficking rescued 27 California minors from forced prostitution last week.

Federal agents working with local law enforcement officers conducted a week-long bust on sex traffickers. They arrested 281 pimps nationwide and 38 in California, according to an FBI news release.

The sex trafficking crackdown, known as Operation Cross Country, saved a total of 168 minors nationwide from work as prostitutes.

Agents rescued 10 minors from the Los Angeles area, nine from the Sacramento area, two from the San Diego area and six from the San Francisco area.

2014 marked the eighth year of Operation Cross Country.  Law enforcement is working with the U.S. Administration for Children and Families and victim advocate organizations to resituate the minors rescued.


I am continually disappointed to see law enforcement superficially investigate these “businesses”. This burgeoning growth of massage parlors and nail salons with “VIP” massage rooms have been rising since 2009. Want to be even more informed? Check out Rub Maps and you can see the free reviews and realize this is a growing industry. Stuff like this happens all too often. Like I’m saying, govt regulation is a must!!!!!

JB Bronson

Between 100,000 and 300,000 U.S. children are forced into the commercial sex trade, every year.

Of course these are our (U.S.) kids.

Next, you want to believe it doesn’t happen around here.


When we become compassionate enough to stop imagining borders (when all were created by man) and realize that all children are ours to save and to care for–then the world will change for the better in ways we cannot imagine.

I lean toward a paradigm shift that disregards all imaginary borders (that are only drawn to create separation). Religion also creates separation and has sparked wars that caused the death of millions of people over the years; needless slaughter. There is a veil that masks the truth. The truth being that no one born on the earth is any “less” than anyone else-and everyone deserves good circumstances and a good life. I am frequently physically sickened when I read the posts on Cal Coast News. The level of spiritual consciousness is rock bottom in some cases. This reminds me of the “I don’t want to have to pay for Stupid to be rescued from their boat by the Coast Guard”. It is “save the children from sex slavery (unless they are dark skinned and from another country”). It is about regarding all human life for what it is….equal and precious.

You may think I’m a dreamer…..but I’m not the only one.


You sure aren’t the only one so hang on. The light will shine through every now and then.


Does that include private property borders, as well?


If you are content to dream, you will continue to suffer from seeing reality smash those dreams. If you want to see those dreams come true, you will need patience, persistence, intelligence and understanding. (You may think that you already have understanding but if you can’t understand why some oppose your goals, your understanding is not as great as you think.)

Start by realizing that any major social change takes a long time — often generations. Think hard about your priorities and limit yourself to one or two so that your effort isn’t diluted to meaninglessness.

Really listen to what those who disagree with you are saying. Yes, some will just be jerks. But some will be misinformed (a sometimes correctable situation). Others will have some legitimate objections. Are you up to the challenge of trying to convince them that the positives of your ideals are greater than the negatives they see? If not, don’t expect much respect and do expect resistance.

Your compassion is not shared by all. Some lack any, others (including me) have limits.

When one has struggled long and hard just to make ends meet or even to get to a comfortable spot in life, it is harder to be compassionate for others. It is harder still when one has exercised compassion and been abused for it. It is almost impossible for those who have a steady diet of propaganda implying that most people suffering hard times deserve what they get.

It is also ironic that most of these people consider themselves to be Christians. I often wonder if they have actually read through the Gospels or remember what they read if they did. I suspect most have a very selective memory or rely on certain religious “leaders” to interpret it in a way that makes them feel comfortable. None-the-less, I think that the tendency for people to distrust/hate/destroy each other is not due to religion. It has provided a convenient excuse in the past but I suspect that human nature would have found another excuse if religion hadn’t provided one.


Did I just read this comparison or am I crazy? Guys who made a CHOICE to go out and kayak across the ocean, being compared to children that are young and naive being taken into the sex trade? Really? Get a grip.

Then your wild presumptions to race bait people? If I remember you said at one time here you are a psychologist? Boy if that is true that is down right frightening.


“unaccompanied minors streaming across our borders”

Thats right, it’s important to bring up Mexico, Bengazi and gun rights every chance.

So how many of these freed are from Mexico?


YOU Kettle are unbelievable, these are children we are talking about.

Is there more than one important issue going on at any one time, yes! And it seems you only want to concentrate on a small amount of them. You are nothing but a one trick pony.

Who the heck cares where they are from, they are innocent children.

I am glad to hear that law enforcement caught these scum bags and saved some children from unimaginable horror.

Mitch C

These may be children, but they are not our children. The US cannot become a dumping ground. It is our tax dollars that are being spent to support this invasion. This is a planned attack on our nation … it must be stopped or at the very least foreign dollars from the countried that are DUMPING their children on us need to be realized.

We have American children in need of help .. we cannot become the kindergarten of the world.


A word to the bleeding hearts who want the rest of the worlds downtrodden come to Uncle Sam: The richest (or perhaps this year he is the 2nd wealthiest individual) is from Mexico, namely Carlos Slim. I have never heard him lifting a finger to help his people. How about holding him and the 10+ richest families in Mexico to the fire instead of shedding crocodile tears deploring the conditions at the border.

Kevin Rice

The bleeding hearts are making him rich buying his weed.


We could always solve that problem by legalizing pot here in the states. Puts the bad guys out of that business anyway.


I was unaware that Slim was involved in selling mind-numbing drugs. I thought that he made his money selling mind-numbing entertainment (TV) and in telecommunications.


I hate that I have to agree with you here. Like DED, I hate to see innocent people suffer through no fault of their own. However, not only can we not afford to solve the problems of the rest of the world, we seem to have trouble overcoming the propaganda from the greedy that we can’t afford to solve our own problems (mental health, inadequate education, etc.) Eliminating corporate subsidies and tax breaks would be enough to go a long way if the money was spent intelligently and honestly.


Now who are the 6 (so far) who voted this post down? Amazing, the selfish and short sighted among us who care for nothing but their own immediate future.

This article is about taking scumbags off our streets and saving children form extreme exploitation. There is nothing to say about race, nationality or any other factor other than we must always protect children from harm-no matter what the cost.


dogeatdog I was replying to someone else, but you can get all bent out of shape if that’s what you are into.

dogeatdog Every sane person want’s them free, to imply I do not is the “YOU are unbelievable” part, but thats what happens when you have no context.


actually, the children are crossing the US-Mexico border but many come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

48,000 children travelling on their own just got dumped in Arizona by the US Dept of Homeland Security. What becomes of these children – you don’t think even a small number will end up in sex trafficking?


Yes, they’re being dumped in AZ until hundreds of them catch the two flights a week to CA–to San Diego and El Centro. Our border is now completely irrelevant and we have ALREADY become the dumping ground of the world.


That’s what happens when an administration, in spite of their oaths and duty, chooses which laws it wants to enforce.

Many bad elements also coming in with these lost kids – but all our political leadership cares about is signing them up for food stamps, obamacare and a democrat voter registration card.


Unbelievable. Forget “#Bring our girls home”, take care of this stuff at home. Good for law enforcement and great to see a dent being made in human trafficing in our own country.

With all the unaccompanied minors streaming across our borders, makes me wonder how many of them will end up in this hideous situation.


Texas has mass grave of murdered migrant in it, lord have have mercy 193 soul.

Kevin Rice

California has a mass grave with millions of brains in it.