California man loses both hands in fireworks explosion

July 7, 2014

fireworksA man in his 40s lost both of his hands Friday when fireworks exploded prematurely in a San Jose July 4 celebration. [Mercury News]

San Jose police said that the man was igniting illegal fireworks Friday evening as family members stood nearby. He was holding the fireworks when they exploded, and the blast blew off both of his hands.

The man is expected to survive.

Nearby in Sunnyvale, two men lost fingers in a mortar-type firework explosion. The incident occurred about 15 minutes after the man lost his hands in San Jose.

The victims in the Sunnyvale accident, ages 32 and 41, were also holding the fireworks when they exploded.

One man lost fingers on his left hand and fingertips on his right hand. The other man lost part of his right hand.


I bet he has learned his lesson and never light a firework again.


Some folks have to learn the hard way.