California man loses both hands in fireworks explosion

July 7, 2014

fireworksA man in his 40s lost both of his hands Friday when fireworks exploded prematurely in a San Jose July 4 celebration. [Mercury News]

San Jose police said that the man was igniting illegal fireworks Friday evening as family members stood nearby. He was holding the fireworks when they exploded, and the blast blew off both of his hands.

The man is expected to survive.

Nearby in Sunnyvale, two men lost fingers in a mortar-type firework explosion. The incident occurred about 15 minutes after the man lost his hands in San Jose.

The victims in the Sunnyvale accident, ages 32 and 41, were also holding the fireworks when they exploded.

One man lost fingers on his left hand and fingertips on his right hand. The other man lost part of his right hand.

Russ J

Illegal fireworks seems to get a pass by law enforcement. I never here any statistics or news stories about people who are cited and fined during New Years Day or the 4th of July for San Luis County.

Ian Parkinson – why don’t you hand out some tickets and generate some much needed revenue? Most of us are quite tired of explosions all night, all around our neighborhood, for these two holidays.


If Sheriff Parkinson doesn’t give a crap nor take action about thunderous illegal motorcycle “pipes” that go 24/7/365, why would he divert resources to stop something a few nights a year?

Get used to no enforcement, Russ. If senior law enforcement doesn’t care, you are not going to get any relief. They should care.


If it wasn’t for the illegal fireworks, there would have been no fireworks show in Pismo. It was so foggy this year.


Personally, I like the fireworks (legal & illegal) but here in Atascadero, I worry about people starting fires. Every city should designate areas where people can light off fireworks. I think neighbors would be more inclined to report illegal fireworks if there were nearby designated areas where the parents could take kids (and the fun loving adults) to light them off.

Truth Hurts

Enforcing these laws are difficult. You actually have to see the people lighting them off. Most do it from a backyard or somewhere not in the open. There is also a delay from lighting so that makes it more difficult it find the person actually setting them off. Cal fire needs to send out their arson cops out and cite people. Also, many judges laugh and will give out $100 fine and toss the case.


moron is as moron does. fireworks, particularly personal illegal ones are irrelevant to any

sane human being. you wanna play with it ya deserve what ya get.


This was hands down the most wreckless July 4th incident this year…


Lois Capps needs to hold a press conference promoting her new bill to outlaw fireworks


Perhaps she begins her new quest by proposing legislation declaring all fireworks as assault ordinance and banning any box capable of holding more than 10 sparklers.

She could then move on to a 10 day waiting period, banning open carry of Piccolo Petes and concealed carry of Flaming Frogs, smoke bombs, and those damn ground blooms.

Next she could propose that when carried in a car, the fuses and powder must be removed from the actual firework housing and stored separately within locked containers.

And don’t forget Lois to consult w/ Senator deLeon so that you also capture within your new bill those pesky ghost fireworks.


Off topic troll’s are off topic.


Darwin Award candidate!


you must be a dead person to be eligible for the Darwin award, removal from the gene pool mandatory for consideration .


Well actually, the nominee must be dead or rendered sterile. You do the math.


Stupid is as stupid does.


I’m guessing that there was a considerable amount of alcohol involved with these incidents. What kind of idiot holds an explosive in their hands while lighting it? It’s likely that we will end up paying the bills for their drunken stupidity.


I thought people knew not to break the law, the hell with holding the fireworks. These people are damn lucky they did not hurt someone else or cause a fire that burned down someone’s house.


What a sad story. I thought people knew never to hold the fireworks when you light them. The professionals always take precautions, never hold them or even stand close by but rather use a long fuse and they use the most reliable fireworks available.

This is so sad that I just don’t know what to say as loosing both hands is just so over the top.

My sympathies and I’m so sorry to hear that something so tragic occurred during a day of celebration of our freedom.

Extremely Stoic