California restricts access to single-shot handguns

July 21, 2014

guns222California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Friday that bans the sale of single-shot handguns that gun owners can alter into automatic weapons. [Huffington Post]

State firearms laws previously restricted the sale of handguns that can be converted into automatic weapons, but an exception existed for single-shot pistols. As a result, dealers were selling thousands of modified weapons each year that did not contain a required safety feature that indicates when a bullet is chambered.

“This is a significant step to protect the integrity of the safe handgun law in California,” said Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, who authored the bill. “This exception has been increasingly used by those who wish to circumvent (the law).”

The National Rifle Association and the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees opposed the legislation.

The NRA said the new law will eliminate Californians’ ability to purchase handguns that are commonly owned elsewhere in the country. A Cal-FFL spokesman said Sacramento politicians passed the law while ignoring the Constitution and acting with blatant hostility toward Second Amendment civil rights.


Just follow the criminals to Nevada or Arizona and buy handguns there. These laws do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns and does nothing to protect the public. Look at the recent bank robbery in Stockton. The criminals were armed with assault rifles, which are illegal in California.


Another point is that the manufacturers are now refusing to submit samples and money to Kalifornia for this “testing”. Translation: before too long NO handguns will be legal to sell here. How much more of this garbage can we take?!


It wouldn’t matter if they submitted semiautomatic pistols or not right now. They would be rejected because they would not include microstamping as the technology does not exist.


The most critical issue right now is that of the CA requirement to “microstamp” all newly rostered semiautomatic pistols. In theory (it has not yet been successfully proven) it can be done in a lab setting, but it cannot be done in a production environment — not that it would reduce crime anyway.

If a semiautomatic pistol is not already on the CA approved roster, it cannot be placed on the roster due to the inability to microstamp. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that if any of the guns currently on the roster undergo trivial manufacturing changes (including purely cosmetic changes), they must be submitted for roster re-approval which is currently impossible as noted above.

In the end I’m sure gun rights will be upheld but it’s going to cost CA taxpayers $$$ trying to defend Kamala Harris’ wet dreams of handgun rosters and microstamping.

Microstamping reference:


Honestly, does anyone really believe that this law, or the ‘Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale’, has ANY effect on ANY criminal element out there? Zip, zero, none, nada, zilch. No effect on criminals.

So, that could only mean that Sacramento et al are knowingly legislating away the Civil Rights of law abiding citizens.

Laws such as this make me think that labels such as Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, left, right, etc no longer matter. The dividing line is being drawn and we are all going to fall on one side or the other: Loyalist or Patriot. Come full circle we have…..


Kalifornia has a ridiculous law that requires every handgun to have certain features on it that supposedly make them safer and that they be “drop-tested”. They require every manufacturer who wishes to sell in this state to supply a sample gun to test along with a boatload of money to conduct the testing. The “testing” amounts to dropping the gun to see if it fires. Even when a gun has been proven safe for years of use if they release a slightly changed version it has to be retested. No test, no inclusion on list, no sale in KA. The “loophole” that was just closed was if the gun was NOT on the list but had been converted to single-shot, it could be transferred in this state. The Huffington Post and just about every other media outlet got it wrong, as usual, and said they were single shot handguns easily converted to automatics! the idiots in the press don’t know their sphincter from a hole in the ground when it comes to guns. They don’t know the difference between automatic and SEMI-automatic…but that is another discussion.

It might comfort residents of Kalifornia to know that all the state police officers, about 10,000 of them, are running around using handguns on-duty that have been deemed “unsafe” and are decertified, i.e., no longer on the list. Idiots!


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Well, the article is severely lacking in facts and understanding of the core issue, so criticism is due. However, all news articles I’ve read on this topic in the past few days were very lacking accurate and full information.