Car discovered in Laguna Lake

July 28, 2014

laguna lake 2The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s dive team is checking out a car found in Laguna Lake on Monday.

San Luis Obispo police and firefighters are also at the lake. Though very few detail are currently available, officials said the car appears to have been in the lake for a while.

Because of the current drought, a large portion of the 100-acre naturally occurring lake is currently dry making items formerly hidden underwater viewable.

Officials plan to remove the car from the lake sometime Monday afternoon.

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Apparently stolen car from eight years ago. Bet the insurance company doesn’t want now.

If memory serves me right, Alex Madonna offered to clean up the lake and dredge it many years ago free of charge. I guess if he would have done that the City couldn’t raise taxes and slip the money into their slush fund.

Jimmy Hoffa,

We knew we would find you.

So is then appropriate to create a fee schedule based on proximity to a park, open space, pool, fire station, etc. It’s a slippery slope in some respects.

Where’s Norman Bates ?

This is yet another benefit of living in the Laguna Lake area. Let’s not stop at the proposed assessments of almost $400-$1000 a year for the privilege of living here. It should be even more!!!!! Frankly I am shocked even more trash hasn’t been found. Guess those people who live on the lake don’t use it as a garbage dump – unlike our wonderful city employees at the Corporation Yard.

We collected between $37-$46 MILLION in sales taxes in eight years through Measure Y, yet we don’t have $10 million to dredge Laguna Lake. As I recall this money was to be used for things like this. Where has it gone?

Vote NO on Measure G AKA Measure Y. And NO on the proposed assessment district.

The homeowners benefit disproportionately from owning the homes next to the lake because they have a higher value compared to other homes in town. So they should pay a disproportionate percentage of the cost for maintenance of the lake. These home a worth $35,000 to $55,000 more. So, even if the fee reaches $1000 per year, the owners will end up with a net benefit.

They already pay more through their property taxes, which are based on assessed value.

Actually if you look at the prices of homes in the area, even lake front, they are for the most part less than homes in the Arbors ,French Park, new homes off Prado Road, Country Club, homes by Costco, etc.The Laguna Lake area is still the most affordable family-friendly area of town. Living on a lake front lot (which I don’t BTW) you also get the bird droppings, the noise from the park, especially during events like the recent Renaissance Fair, raccoons, snakes, etc. It’s a trade-off. Lake front homes are more costly than non-lakefront homes but they are still a bargain compared to other homes in SLO. Since everyone may use the lake it is the city’s responsibility to keep it up, just like all the other parks. An assessment district here creates a dangerous precedent for other assessment districts throughout the city. Live near a school? Pay more because your kids can use the playground there. Ditto near a park. Live downtown? Pay more because of proximity to downtown and greater police protection. Live on a cul-de-sac? Pay more for that luxuryWhere does it end?

Why not make the entire city one huge assessment district based on whatever criteria staff can dream up, charge everyone $500 a year for the privilege of living here, generate $4.5 million a year and then we can spend it on more administrators and pensions. O I forgot – that’s what Measure Y did!