Paso council deadlocked on marijuana delivery ban

July 18, 2014

medical marijuan rxAn attempt to ban marijuana delivery services in Paso Robles stalled Tuesday when the city council deadlocked over the proposed moratorium

Citing public safety concerns and enforcement costs, Paso Robles city staff asked the council to institute an urgency ordinance prohibiting mobile medical marijuana dispensaries from delivering within the city limits. But, with Councilman John Hamon absent, the vote on the moratorium split 2-2 and the proposed ban stalled.

Mayor Duane Picanco and Councilman Ed Steinbeck voted in favor of the ban, while councilmen Fred Strong and Steve Martin opposed it.

A similar result occurred in San Luis Obispo in May when city staff asked the council to adopt a moratorium on medical marijuana deliveries. The San Luis Obispo City Council voted to table the ban.

In Paso Robles, a ban already exists on brick and mortar dispensaries. But, city staff say several mobile dispensaries make deliveries in Paso Robles and one has even applied for a business license.

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Here’s the deal: Everyone should know everything about everything. If they do not it is

their own damned fault.

Business-owners should be able to do whatever they can get away with.

After all, this is a free-standing, free-wheeling capitalist country.

There should be no law restricting anyone from doing anything and no person deserves

protection from being ignorant

nosiree bobby.pave 12th

No one really wants to come out and say publicly they approve of medical marijuana-because it would appear they are for drugs. I know 3 people who use this medically; one with cancer, one with glaucoma and another with anorexia. I have seen amazing results for all of them-weight gain for the cancer patient and the anorexic-as well as improved results for the glaucoma. I think it says in the bible “I have made a plant, herb or flower-for everything that ails you”. Any substance can be abused-it just depends upon the person; substances can be used for healing, or abused-it is all in the intention. I hope people are able to continue to get this with a doctor’s letter with no interruption. I think it is a good thing.

Paso has elections coming up… Interestingly, it’s moderates who oppose marijuana. Deeply convicted conservatives and liberals tend to agree on this issue:

Supporters of the issue should might find support in unexpected places.

Why would a licensed pot delivery service for those who have a doctor’s prescription be an issue when many people are self medicating on beer and wine while driving around Paso Robles?

I do not support liberal pot laws without welfare reform, as in lazy does not mean handicapped, yet for some people this weed appears to be a reasonable need that only a delivery service can meet.

Just one bad move and your license is cancelled. Forget fines, this service should be long lived and pay well for the honest provider. Oh by the way, the verification of the dotor’s prescription should be the responsibilty of the delivery service. Deliver to one fake prescription and you are out of business, next. That simple.

There exists some myth that a split vote (2-2) is different from a majority “no” vote (1-3, 2-3, 0-5, etc.) The only criteria is a majority “yes”. If a majority “yes” does not occur, then passage fails. “Deadlock” is not a distinct outcome. Use of this word implies the outcome is undecided. Here, a majority “yes” did not occur; therefore, the item failed to pass. There is no indecision or “deadlock”. It failed.

A deadlock can occur in elections. In the extremely rare case that a tie vote occurs between two candidates in an election, the winner is determined by lot (i.e., drawing straws).

In the case of governor or lieutenant governor, a tie vote is resolved by a special joint vote of both houses of the legislature.

Ballot measures, like city council votes, cannot deadlock. A tie is a failure.

I read Duane Picanno (sorry not sure spelling on last name) response as to how he voted. He said, well it’s not as if they can’t get it if needed. They can still get it from someone off the street. So there you have it. TYPICAL moronic thinking of a politician. They are all upset about the fact that this can lead to crime but let’s keep it illegal and as a matter of fact go get it illegally. HUH!??? It is time to get this lifer off the Paso council.

Sadly I voted for this fool in past but I haven’t the last two times he has ran.

If you are not sure of the spelling, you might want to consider reading the article.



Well, I had already read in paper this morning saw it here and just commented figuring it was basically saying the same. Sorry I ruined your day in putting others down. Maybe you can bag on someone else that can help with your lack of self-confidence.

That is not is what he said. He said, “its not as if it’s not available.”

Well then let’s go further. He also said it is available in the local black market. Gee in all my years, black market has always implied off the street and ILLEGAL!!!! I don’t think it’s a little black, brick and mortar store down the street or did I miss something???

There’s no such thing as a deadlock. It either passes or falls. It failed.