Paso Robles man sentenced to 14 years for child molestation

July 11, 2014

jailA 70-year-old Paso Robles man has received a 14-year prison sentence for molesting three child relatives.

Leonard Ray Franklin pleaded guilty in April to two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a minor under age 14 and one count of a lewd or lascivious act on a child under 14. Prosecutors alleged that Franklin abused the children, ages 3, 13, and 15, several times over the last decade.

Franklin allegedly used the 3-year-old to create child pornography and began abusing the victim when the child was 2-years-old.

He faced up to 22 years in prison for the molestation convictions.

Franklin co-owned the Franklin Hot Springs in Paso Robles. His family has owned the business since the 60s.

Jorge Estrada

Firing squads should be manditory for this evil that infests society. It is unconscionable to fund this existence without implicating a social acceptance of this damage on your family.


The sentence unfortunately reveals the value that society places on molestors over children. Less than 5 years per child and probably less than 1 year per act. The fact that one of the victims was 2 YEARS OLD when the abuse started should result in mandatory life in prison.

Unfortunately for the family and society, he’ll be out in 7.


The prison hierarchy places child molesters at the top of the “anger management” list. Being a frail 70 years old; my guess is he will never make it out alive. He will never make it out without a taste of his own medicine either.


It would much more practical to just shoot him and feed the buzzards


14 years for a LIFETIME of damage done to these kids. A complete miscarriage of justice.


out in three and moving next door to you


More like, out in 30 days due to realignment! I think 14 years is the maximum sentence on this but with time off for good behavior he’ll get out in half that or less. Add realignment and he’ll be out in no time.

Ellie Nesler was right – just shoot the guy in court and take your chances with the jury. This was a case about 20 years ago – the mom shot the molester in court and was charged with murder. She had cancer and I don’t know what ultimately happened to her. She was willing to go to jail to protect her kids. I don’t know that I would have the nerve to do what she did but I understand her frustration. At leats that molester will never bother anyone again!