New candidate running for Arroyo Grande council

July 11, 2014
Barbara Harmon

Barbara Harmon

Longtime Arroyo Grande resident Barbara Harmon announced this week that she is running for a city council seat.

Harmon has lived in Arroyo Grande for nearly 30 years and has served on the city’s architectural review committee since December 2013. She previously worked as a probation officer and supervisor in Santa Barbara County, doing so for 23 years.

Harmon’s platform calls for questioning regulations and ordinances that create new fees, assessments or tax increases.

She currently is a member of the Bridge Street Bridge Committee and the Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce. Harmon recently completed a county land use planning course.

The Arroyo Grande council seats belonging to Tim Brown and Joe Costello will be up for election in November.

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Ms. Harmon you were appointed by a city council member for your current position as a commissioner on the architectural review committee. Can you exercise a independent voice or will you be representing the person who appointed you? I agree with kayaknut your answer to the question “Has the A.G. mayor Tony Ferrara, done a job good?” would tell me if you would get my vote.

Good Faith- CalPers [State Retirement Agency} is requiring all agencies and districts to increase contributions to cover unfunded liabilities.

Less money for Public Works and more current tax funds going into emplyoyee retirement accounts.

Is it to much to ask that those employees pick up those additional costs for their own future retirements.

Their are a lot of simple disciplined solutions to help rebalance local budgets without incrfeasing rates or taxes !

Lets put this in a broader factual context;

Only 16 % of workers have a defined retirement in USA

Less than 20% of current workers contributions fund lifetime defined retirement

payouts from PERS. The other 80% or more come from your Taxes and Investments.

Do You have a Early Retirement Option at 90% ?

Most City and District Budgets are 75% or more Excessive Salaries , Early 90% Pensions, and Luxury Benefit Packages. The FCFA is closer to 90% !

The average worker has Social Security, maybe a 401K, and has seen wages decline as Taxes and Core Inflation continue to increase. Fixed Income Seniors are really feeling the pinch of every Rate and Tax Increase.

We have options…Vote In November…Reduce Spending on Salaries and Benefits…Increase Spending On Public Works….Eliminate Waste…401k’s for Employees… Higher Contributions for Health Benefits…Promote Smart Growth….

Elect Independent Public Officals who will stand up to special interest groups.

It all starts with Your Vote and Support…… November

Tax Freedom Day April 21, 2014.

That is how long we work each year just to pay our “current tax bills”.

If we approve all these New Tax & Rate Increases.

We will be working even longer every year, for more years to pay taxes.

Vote NO in November and “support” candidates who will profide Tax & Rate Relef.

We all deserve better- Register-Vote-Inform-Change

I hope we can find more candidates who will question tax and rate increases on the Novemeber ballot. Be Independent and Support Tax Relief.

People are struggling in this economy and the Police Tax and Fire Tax & Pension Bailout defeats have sent a clear message.

With Property Taxes increa$ing, Rents increa$ing, Water Rates increa$ing, Sanitation wanting a big increa$e this year to pay off their state fines and legal costs, Five Cities Fire requesting a co$t $aving$ increa$e, Cuesta College placing their tax increa$e on the ballot, and the Feds wanting to increa$e gasoline taxe$.

November becomes a very important Vote. Can you afford more and more tax and rate increa$e$. Will you be forced to move ? $$$

We are seeing more and more States and Cities rolling back salaries, pensions, and benefits to more sustainable levels and making infrastructure improvements with existing revenues without increasing taxes on individuals,and small businesses.

Register-Vote-Inform- Change

Guess the answer for higher taxes on every level may be the fact that we’re still paying for the last two wars; ya think?! Sure took a heavy toll on our men and women in uniform, VA, taxpayers to this day. You forgot the part of the bills we still owe to those who fought. Come November let’s vote for people who will keep the focus on domestic needs, repair/replace infrastructures, declining middle and working class. Vote for candidate(s) who will stop the fighting / dividing us from each other, instead mend the fabric of our once great society. For war-profiteers stir up the class warfare, blame-games, obstructionist tactics to meanwhile laughing all the way to their off-shore bank accounts. Follow the money, you’re blaming the wrong crowd!

Agree with your excellent points on the national level.

Hopefully, we can make important changes locally in November where we can have an impact immediately and begin to improve the quality of life for working families, those just getting started, fixed income seniors, and the working poor.

Good luck, Ms. Harmon!

The best way to find out whom to vote for will be ask a simple question of all running. “Has the A.G. mayor Tony Ferrara, done a job good?” the answer to that question will tell me if they are the right person for the job.