Police cruiser crashes during high-speed chase

July 31, 2014
Joshua Kelly

Joshua Kelly

Atascadero police arrested a Creston man who led officers on a high-speed chase Monday that ended with a wrecked police cruiser.

On Monday at about 2:50 a.m., two Atascadero police officers attempted to pull over a car for vehicle code violations. However, the driver elected to flee and led the officers on a high speed pursuit on Highway 41 east out of Atascadero.

After turning onto a dirt road in a rural area near Highway 58, the police cruiser slid across the road, went into a ravine, hit against a hillside and the airbags deployed. The officers were not injured.

Nevertheless, the officers were unable to apprehend the suspect.

Atascadero police investigators served several search warrants and the seized the vehicle involved in the pursuit. Police then determined the driver of the car was Joshua James Kelly, a 34-year-old resident of Creston.

Early Thursday morning, Atascadero police arrested Kelly at his residence and then booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of evading a peace officer and reckless driving.

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I agree, if someone is here illegally they need to be deported, what I’m saying is that those whose racial remarks are made on stories of which all they know about the suspect is that they are brown, say for instance the story just reported a few days ago, the Cambria man who stabbed his live-in, nothing was said about him being illegal yet those who are bigoted immediately went to the racial slurs and illegal immigrants.

A few years ago INS showed up at a construction site on the home of Phil Collins, maybe more than a few years ago, time slips away, anyway, those who ran away were the ‘white’ guys, why because they were here illegally from the UK. So basing the opinion that someone is illegal just because someone is brown does not necessarily mean they are illegal. This is the point I’m making.

You bet, if the story is about a known illegal immigrant from which ever country they come from deport them, but the bigots think all brown skinned people are illegal…hah, I guess that’s why they are bigots…hahaha! Even so, is there really any need to be bigoted? We can dislike someone based on their behavior not on the color of their skin…right?

And no Racket, I don’t race bait, but I don’t read you questioning those who throw out racial slurs, perhaps that’s okay with you?

I guess because this guys Caucasian not one of you bigots who constantly post your racial slurs against criminals of Latin decent have not mentioned anything racial against this suspected criminal. Yet here he is causing disruption at taxpayers expense…talk about tunnel vision. Open your eyes, criminals come in all colors and they all cause taxpayers extra money, maybe this guy should be shipped back to his country of origin?

Looks like this white guy was in the country legally. Therefore there is no reason to ship him anywhere. Illegal aliens are criminals who broke the law, and should be shipped back, yes.

Anyone can commit a crime, no doubt, stupid has no boundaries. However, if a was an illegal doing illegal activities in a foreign countries i would be concerned, unless it was in the USA. Last I heard our marine veteran was still in a Mexican jail is still sitting in a Mexican prison for being honest and telling Mexican police he had guns. Justice for some but certainly not for al…

Race bait much?

you’ve been trolled.

Someone should buy a custom T- shirt for Josh, CRESTON NASCAR TEAM. Very lucky nobody was hurt.

Lets raise our taxes to pay for another $200,000 cruiser!

Don’t worry, they have an insurance policy… YOU!

So says the fireman that directs them to a doughnut shop.

Right, it’s good policy to just give up pursuing people who run from the cops. Maybeonce it becomes common knowledge that they won’t be chased, they’ll not run anymore….

$200,000?! I won’t even ask which orifice you are pulling THAT “fact” from. Try about $30k.

I’m very glad the officers were not injured because they crashed; perhaps they were also a little embarrassed that they didn’t make the turn and slide off the road?

Get them Duke boys.

Tunnel vision.