California crippling drought deepens

August 1, 2014

paso 011California drought deepens with areas of exceptional drought going from 36 percent of the state last week to 58 percent of the state this week.

The same week that California began handing at fines for wasting water, the state deemed more areas as having extreme drought meaning a shortage of water in reservoirs and widespread crop losses. Locally, farmers are cutting back their avocado trees and in the Central Valley some farmers are bulldozing citrus orchards.

“Increasingly, drought indicators point to the fact that conditions are not appreciably better in northern California than in central and southern sections of the state,” according to the U.S. Department of agriculture website. “In addition, mounting evidence from reservoir levels, river gauges, ground water observations, and socio-economic impacts warrant a further expansion of exceptional drought into northern California.”

The drought report, released Thursday by the National Drought Mitigation Center, warned that bone-dry conditions have now spread farther into Northern California. Overall, the state is “short more than one year’s worth of reservoir water, or 11.6 million acre-feet, for this time of year,” the report said.


The people commenting against hotel rooms and pipelines or anything that brings money in must think that the economy just happens by itself or is somehow a gift from the government. Never ceases to amaze me how many idiots there really are!


Slojustice gets one reply and it is a dislike! That just tells you how far gone the morons in this State really are! I don’t have a Like button on my phone or you would have one!


The UN is already talking about migrating people out of California if the drought continues while Governor Brown is in Mexico welcoming the new Central American migrants to California and encouraging migration from Mexico because of “climate change”.

Why can’t Calilfornia acknowledge the water problems we have and decide if we want wine grapes and marijuana or food? Why bring migrant field workers here when the ones we have are unemployed because the Central Valley farmers have no water for crops?

Why not acknowledge that some arid areas cannot continue to function as agricultural land?

What’s the plan, Jerry Brown? Meanwhile, Richard Lara, California State Senator, proposes a law to make diaper changing stations available in men’s restrooms. This is how the mindless California legislature spends its time while cities and counties are left to deal with major water problems, continuing and unlimited vineyard growth, and illegal marijuana pot grows on public and Native American lands.


Well by now you probably think I am some whacko Right Wing Gun Toting Bible Carrying nut job! I wouldn’t blame you, how is that for a shocker! Want to hear the truth? I don’t give a rats ass about social issues. But since you brought it up, these are my views. I am pro choice, for gay marriage and I think marijuana should be legalized. I think people should keep their religious views to themselves. No one really cares anyway, and everybody with a differing opinion on any issue isn’t going to agree with you anyway, so why bother! The problem with this country has nothing to do with any of those issues! The fundamental problem with the country is the government interfering in our lives. It’s the government stupid! To steal a line from Bill Clinton, who I thought was a great President on domestic issues anyway. I think he was lacking in foreign policy but no one is perfect. So that is my real nut job whacko right wing views!


Drought in Folsom Lake, California-

Lake Naci and San Antonio-

Atascadero Lake-

San Luis Reservoir north of us and has nothing to do with San Luis county but supply’s a lot of people and farms and is only at 18%-


Drought in California? Shocker! Isn’t this a desert? I can’t remember the last time I turned on my water faucet and nothing came out? Oh that’s right! That’s because it has never happened! But we need to have more regulations so we can pay more to get this water out of our faucet that won’t come out. And more regulations do divert the water so we can pay more for it. Oh don’t forget more regulations to stop any kind of business that might infringe on some frogs right to live in his protected lake. God forbid anyone be allowed to make any money. But that would be bad too because then they wouldn’t need free cell phones or food stamps, so we can pay even more for the water that won’t come out of our faucets.


God has cared for our state lands and saved them from drought, disease, and a thousand tempests and floods, but He cannot save us from fools.

Our politicians would have us buy canoes in time of drought, and sunscreen when suffering from flood.


Yeah, agreed. So then, perhaps, we should stop electing (and endlessly re-electing) politicians who sell canoes and sunscreen.

Jorge Estrada

It’s odd that drought ryms with trout. What’s is even stranger, the cities are approving more hotels, housing projects and city limits. I guess the drought is only for agg land and who cares about the trout when we change the course of the river to SLO.

JB Bronson

Hey! I know! Let’s keep planting and watering grapes in Paso,maybe approve a few more places for tourists to stay. If we run out of water, we can all just drink wine, maybe build another pipeline. Oh, and might as well put some water in Atascadero Lake!


maybe we could send the B Train for a load of water


I am sure you are absolutely right! Don’t build any more pipelines! God forbid you create a job and put someone to work! Those people in Texas and North Dakota are morons for thinking evil energy is good for their economy! Nanny regulations are indeed the way to go! Make sure all the government employees get their 100k pensions for life at 55 too! We need to hire lots more of those! Everyone is entitled to a free ride, don’t you agree? Let’s guarantee the whole state is Bankrupt like Stockton and Riverside! Evil pipelines, God forbid!


Global Warming is what is causing the drought! I got it now! Oh wait, it’s called climate change now! We should have all listened to

Al Gore! What morons we are, dang it! We don’t need a booming economy like Texas and North Dakota! Those people are idiots, damn conservatives! Make sure we elect Hilary too! We don’t want any chance of a booming economy, let’s not do something stupid and elect someone who might be a right to lifer or some other non issue.


I don’t want to see Hilary elected either — although many of my reasons are likely different than yours. However, as long as the GOP right wing insists that their candidates follow their social program completely (or damn near so), we may all get stuck with her.

The Democrats will keep beating the Republicans on the national stage as long as the GOP insists on doctrinaire positions for their candidates on issues like Gay Marriage or Right to Life. Like it or not, your views on these subjects (and a few others) are not in tune with the majority of voters. You need to win a decent percentage of them away from the Democrats in order to elect a Republican to the White House and it is not going to happen if you alienate voters who would be conservative on many other issues. You don’t have to change your personal views on these subjects — just learn to accept that they are battles you can’t win without a major (& unlikely) change in the attitudes of society at large.


I didn’t realize I was alienating anyone and it is very presumptuous of you to think you know what my views are. I happen to agree with you on some of your points and disagree with you on others. And I don’t really care who the Republican is that gets elected as long as it is one. Even more important is that the Republicans gain control of both The House and the Senate! The damage that has been done to this country in the last six years is so severe that it is going to take a massive effort to undo the damage. This will only be possible with an absolute majority. Harry Reid put the nuclear option in play and that will be a great help in implementing things faster. Normally, I like a mixed government that stays out of our way, but we desperately need a full 180 degree turn right now! Then when sanity returns they can slow down and debate the issues, but we don’t have time for that right now, not unless we want to turn into Greece, where no one pays taxes and is such a complete mess, they will probably never pull out of it in our lifetimes. I think we still have a chance, but it is going to have to be radical and half the country won’t like it. But sometimes a sick or dying patient needs a ton of medicine in a hurry to get well. Half the government needs to be eliminated, we don’t need eighteen different agencies all basically doing the same thing. And the IRS needs to be completely eliminated which means an across the board flat tax! I know it sucks, but we have to do it! We are beyond debate and do nothing Congress, someone has to take charge and Git er Done!


How about how the democrats shove their agenda down conservatives throat. I think both parties care more about getting re-elected and power than they do the country. But, you have to admit States that are more conservative and run by republicans are doing far better than States run by democrats like our beloved California.


oh really? then why are the ten poorest states republican ?