Salary jump for Nipomo manager

July 22, 2014

images-1The general manager of the Nipomo Community Services District is in line for a raise of more than $14,000 on Wednesday.

Michael LeBrun, who has served as the district’s permanent general manager since 2011, currently makes a base salary of $150,000. The Nipomo CSD board will decide Wednesday whether to raise LeBrun’s salary to $164,140, as proposed in a district staff report.

If LeBrun receives the raise, his salary will have increased approximately $30,000 in three years on the job. LeBrun began his job in 2011 with a salary of $134,700.

Until Paavo Ogren took over this week as the Oceano CSD general manager, LeBrun received the highest pay among CSD managers in the county. Ogren now makes $196,000 at his Oceano position.

LeBrun, though, supervises a larger operation with more employees. The district is also constructing an approximately $18 million pipeline that will connect the Nipomo Mesa to Santa Maria.

Mr. Holly

Another nail in the coffin for the Nipomo Community Service District. Where is the sustainability for all of these government gifts.

We the people will, at some time, say enough is enough when it comes to all of these continuing tax increases, fee increases and penalties to finance these gifts.

It has to end sometime.

As the world turns

LeBrun is a jerk


I haven’t dealt with LeBrun personally but I know someone who had to deal with NCSD within the two years. Trying to get new service, he experienced contradictory information about requirements, numerous exceedingly slow responses for information and other lesser problems. I would not consider doing any type of development or building within the NCSD boundaries based on the experience of my acquaintance.


If this is an unofficial NCSD designed to discourage development, they are apparently following board direction. If not, the NCSD should consider finding a different manager who will get their act together and treat those who are trying to become customers with a reasonable degree of respect.

I also have a friend who is a long-time resident within the NCSD. He is not impressed either with the overall operation and is highly skeptical of the cost-effectiveness of the pipeline to be built — mostly because he doubts that there will be water available when it is needed most.


If your blog is going to compare LeBrun’s General Manager salary ro Ogrens,’ you need to remind your readers that Ogren is filling two roles for OCSD–General Manager and District Accountant. That is, you need to remind them of that fact if you want to put out accurate information.


Ogrens excessive salary and CalPers retirement package is just one of a long line of fiscal mismanagement decisions that has brought the district to increasing deficit spending and emergency loans during a period of both Rate and local property Tax Increases.

It has placed all citizens at financial risk.

I encourage new individuals to run for the OCSD Board who will provide Tax & Rate Relief and Balance The Budget in November ?

Can you afford Higher Water Rates ?

Can you afford Higher Sanitation Rates ?


Yes, please do remind us all that Ogren is purposely setting up a situation in which there will be lack of oversight of him by an account.


Automatic Water Rate Increase for Nipomo. $$$$


CSD’s seem to be incubators of waste, fraud, and abuse.


Amoung most other “districts”