SLO council approves $10 million plan to restore Laguna Lake

July 16, 2014

Laguna LakeThe San Luis Obipso City Council unanimously approved a 10-year, more than $10 million plan Tuesday to restore the city’s rapidly drying lake.

The plan to save Laguna Lake will involve restoring eroding creek banks and shorelines and removing sediment from portions of the lake. A full scale dredging operation may occur, but it would have to clear financial and regulatory hurdles.

Funding for the lake restoration will come only in part from the city’s general fund. The city plans to obtain grant funding for the project and to create an assessment district in the Laguna Lake neighborhood.

The proposed assessment district would include as many as 759 parcels. Lakefront property owners would pay $958 annually, while others in the area would pay $389 in  assessments.

As part of the restoration effort, city staff also plan to create a loop trail around the lake, as well as a boardwalk and viewing platforms.

Many residents from the Laguna Lake area showed up to city hall Tuesday in support of the restoration plan. Some opposed the assessment district, though, saying they should not bare the tax burden for a public resource.

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something needs to be done. The entire area smells of dead fish, and its now covered with vultures.This city has enough money to afford to clean up a disgusting eyesore. how can anyone that livse here disagree with this? i just dont understand….

I often wonder why as Californians, we subscribe so closely to the concept of crisis management. Preparedness, conservation (for a rainy day..(pun intended) and foresight don’t seem to be part of out thought process. Instead again like we did during the energy crisis, we scrambled for relief so much so, we engaged with corporate criminals who took us to the cleaners.

I just don’t get it.

This is such a joke…I’m LMAO. This is the City council being vindictive to the noise makers that live around the lake to shut them up. There might be 15% of the 759 parcel owners that would agree to an assessment and the council members know this. What a waste of time and money. It’s just plain stupid. I can hardly contain myself. How about the next time that the city feels they need new or more office space that we make them pay for it out of their own pockets because it’s what THEY want. And what about the people that come to the lake area fromother parts of town and leave their dog poop bags for someone else to pick up? And local property owners get to pay?…..I don’t think so.

I have lived here for many years and have seen the lake dry up before. So what! I Saw Lopez Lake fill up in one year. And what about the city back in 62 allowing a developer to divert prefumo creek into the lake? That is what has mostly contributed to the excess sediment. I would argue that the the city has culpability in that. And don’t even get me started on the slab foundations in the South Laguna area that are being destroyed because it appears that the city allowed the developer to build sub-standard engineered foundations on ever fluctuating swamp land. Just take a look at some of the foundations at Garcia and LOVR. Those are just two of many. One of my neighbors homes is in big trouble. Any Attorney’s out there interested in a class action law suit? I digress!

It will not give the lake no water to do any of this. Stupid humans. Put your money into desalination while you have the money to do it.

Basically true — but a case could be made that a dredged-out lake could store more water (if and when we get enough rain.) This would mean that it would not dry up as quickly when dry times occur.

Duck Feed Dirt can be sold by the bag full, I’m sure this reveniew has been considered? A great mix for sandy soil, should sell fast by the truck load.