California appellate court rules in favor of bullet train

August 1, 2014

CA bullet trainThe state of California can resume its work on a planned $68 billion bullet train following an appellate court decision Thursday that reversed an earlier ruling. [Mercury News]

Last year, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kinney ruled that the state needed to identify all of the funds required to complete the San Francisco-to-Los Angeles bullet train before breaking ground on construction. The ruling temporarily crippled the project because the state has so far only secured a fraction of the project funding.

On Thursday, a three-member appellate panel voted unanimously to reverse Kinney’s ruling. The appellate court ruled that the state’s preliminary funding plan for the project satisfied legal requirements.

The ruling will allow California rail officials to sell $8.6 billion in voter-approved bonds needed to construct the bullet train.

The case could still make its way to the state Supreme Court, though. An attorney representing a group of Kings County farmers who filed the lawsuit against the state said his clients are still deciding whether to appeal Thursday’s ruling.

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Like we don’t have real priorities

Does this mean I will be able to drive to the train station, pay the parking fee for a whole day and leave SLO each morning,

Catch this bullet train, go to LA OR SF for a full time or part time job,

Get there and rent a car and go to work, the return the car at the end of the day,

Take the train home to SLO and drive home after paying the parking fee or have my wife or daughter pick me up at the train station if they have time or bus it home.

And the next day do it again.

Who is this bullet train devised to benefit?

Imagine a point in southern Mexico.


connect the dots

$ 68 Billion for a train that nobody will ride! That’s a Heck of a lot of taxpayer money that could go to a water pipeline from the Columbia river in Washington state to California so you can grow more wine grapes! Most of the flow in that river just goes to the ocean anyway !

By the time this project is completed (if ever), it will cost three times the projected $68 billion…guaranteed.

China’s water pipeline is projected to cost the same, roughly, as our train. Of course, their labor costs aren’t burdened with Union parasites.