Code enforcement check leads to drug bust

August 29, 2014
Erin Soqui

Erin Soqui

Grover Beach police assisting a city code enforcement officer at a home on the 400 block of 3rd Street Thursday morning discovered heroin, methamphetamine, a shot gun and drug paraphernalia.

Officers also found four adults in the home. Police arrested Glenn Taylor, 32, of Grover Beach for sales of methamphetamine, possession of a gun while in possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor

Further investigation resulted in the arrest of Erin Soqui, 27, of San Miguel for possession of heroin, possession of a gun while in possession of a controlled substance, for being under the influence of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Jesse Perales, Jr., 51 of Grover Beach was cited and released at the scene for an outstanding arrest warrant.

Officers booked both Taylor and Soqui into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on the various felony charges.


Her husband Justin must be happy! Talk about a wasted life and we continue to dump $$$ into this low life. She has been arrested five times for DUI and in Sept 2012 was sentenced to 3 years – but, this is 2014 so why is she out of jail (another accident waiting to for some innocent citizen out there) , participated in the Alternatives to Violence Program and served at the Women’s HONOR Farm, a member of Restorative Partners (a re-entry program for losers), a role model speaker at Paso Robles High School, the Honor Farm, a Templeton School Program for drugs, etc. I guess the deputies think this cutie would be a good role model for our youth! Right…


Sounds worthy of her own reality show – “Meth Princess” – or “the heroin hottie”…hmmm


I wish my driver’s license photo looked as good as her booking photo.


Imagine what would have happened is one of these persons picked up a gun and started firing at the police. It could have turned into a bloodbath with several people killed or injured and bullets flying around the neighborhood. We can stop most of the violence and death by decriminalizing drugs. We are spending more than $50 billion per year using the police to deal with the problem of drug abuse and addiction. Yet, drugs are still available anywhere and everywhere. If the drugs were decriminalized, they would be cheap. It is the big money that is driving all of the violence and other criminal activity like theft and prostitution. It would be better to spend the money on drug treatment and prevention. Prohibition didn’t work and the “War on Drugs” will also fail.


“Imagine what would have happened ”

No, let’s stick with what really happened.


Right, unless of course you are driving a car that someone like this, high on drugs, unable to react or drive safety wipes you out. Talk to the family of the Highway Patrol officer or the young man recently killed in a headon on Los Osos Vly Rd that were killed by Meth users. Hope this never happens to a member of your family!


That was SATIRE, for those of you from Rio Linda. Did you watch the video?


Drugs (including alcohol and nicotine) often have negative effects on their users. Many also present a public danger when the person under the influence operates a vehicle or interacts with the public in other ways. The degree of negative effects varies with the drugs — I would argue that marijuana is slightly less dangerous than alcohol.

However, the argument for legalizing drugs generally has less to do with the potential negative effects of the drugs than the negative effects of the way we choose to deal with them. If drugs (even meth and heroin) were legally available through treatment centers, would that not be better at addressing the problems of addiction than incarceration?

Certainly, there will be many who don’t respond to treatment and a few treatment centers that are just fronts for dealers. Such a system wouldn’t be perfect but it should be an improvement on what we now have. At least the addicts won’t have to turn to crimes to feed their habits for the most part.

Addicts currently get no help via our justice system. Jails do little to treat causes of addiction and most addicts return to their habits shortly after release. Effective treatment programs are so over-crowded that it can take years to get into one unless the addict (or more likely their family) has enough wealth to get into the high-priced ones.

The cost of expanding such treatment could be offset by greatly reduced court and prison costs. There would also be a reduced need for drug task forces, SWAT teams and other threats to civil liberties we have tolerated in the name of a “War on Drugs.”


Google erin’s name.. lots of neat things show up!


Sad that she can’t seem to straighten her life out.


And a more recent pic, in which she looks horrible. Barely recognizable as the same person…..sad.


Glad to harass the dopers, but the larger concern is big brother storming the compound due to un-screened compost bin enclosures (or whatever the code enforcemnt issue was).


Why was the person with the outstanding arrest warrant released?


If the warrant is from a different jurisdiction that doesn’t want to pay the cost of extradicting someone and spending the time and effort to take them to trial, the person is not held. If the warrant was for unpaid traffic tickets or a failure to appear or some other minor issue in some other state or county, people are frequently cited and released.


She looks awfully happy for having just been arrested!


Hopefully she doesn’t become one of those ‘faces of meth’ timeline. If so her smile won’t last long.


She is probably still high today…


From reading her rap sheet (including 5 DUI’s), she’s probably glad to be going “home” to jail.

Jorge Estrada

This handsome couple are the children of parents that would grieve their facing a firing squad, very sad but truly the only fix. Tweekers are 100%, permanently minus each tweek, this is what they sell to the children of other parents.


Well said! I think…


A firing squad? What a horribly violent suggestion, perhaps they could let you watch?

If that’s what you are into.


Lesson to everyone dealing meth. Make sure your drug lab has low flow toilets, your 2×4’s are pressure treated and stairway railings are less than 6″ apart.


Yeah, and don’t forget proper ventilation and a speed-dial setting for the local fire department phone number.