Guadalupe mayor seeking grand jury investigation

August 15, 2014
Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter

Guadalupe mayor Frances Romero announced plans Tuesday to ask the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury to investigate the city’s past financial mismanagement and accounting practices.

“As a citizen of Guadalupe that is also its mayor, and in an effort to have a clean slate for those that come behind this council, and to clear the air for those who have served on the council previously, I would like to publicly request that the grand jury do an investigation into the things that have occurred here over the last 10 to 15 years,” Romero said during this weeks city council meeting.

Shortly after former San Luis Obispo City Councilman Andrew Carter accepted the Guadalupe city administrator position, he discovered that previous city officials had been using illegal accounting tactics to cover up deficits in the city’s general fund. Specifically, moneys paid for utilities such as sewer and water were being diverted to pay for expenses such as salaries for police and fire.

Carter discovered the Northern Santa Barbara County town of about 7,000 residents has an ongoing deficit of about $725,000 a year. Even if city residence vote for three tax measures in November, he estimates a $335,000 deficit for this fiscal year.

Nevertheless, Councilman John Lizalde and Councilman John Sabedra said Tuesday they were not in favor of asking the grand jury to investigate noting the time it would take staff to cooperate.


Now, exactly what will the grand jury investigation find that hasn’t been revealed. And once the grand jury finds it, the city will do what – nada. So lets waste more time, more resources identifying a problem we know exists. I have a better idea, simply fire those idiots who participated in the shenanigans and clean it up – time and resources better spent.


Baby Bell…..


I wonder if Andrew Carter applied for the Morro Bay city manager job. And if not, why not.


Councilmen Lizalde and Sabedra sound like they won’t be very cooperative with anyone who dares poking their noses into Guadalupe’s finances.


My hero!


Good on you, Andrew Carter! Could we get you to come replace Katie Lichtig in SLO? At least you know something about finances and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is! You’ve got your hands full but you were hired to lead and it is very encouraging to see someone in your position actually lead instead of just plod most city managers.


Yes, with all your charts and graphs, you’ll be our own Ross Perot!


Now that the Far Western is gone there no reason to even go there..


Call To Action:

We really need a State or Grand Jury Investigation into the Oceano Community Services District.


You can look into them all, and you will find this. This IS local government. Period.

Now the question is: What are YOU (and I) going to do about it?

Extremely Stoic

Soon to be “busted”