Police search homes connected to Cal Poly robbery case

August 15, 2014
Cameron Akins

Cameron Akins

San Luis Obispo police officers served search warrants Thursday at three homes possibly connected to the robbery of a fraternity house allegedly carried out by five members of the Cal Poly football team.

On Sunday, officers arrested five Cal Poly football players following the early morning robbery of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house. Investigators allege that one of the players attempted to rob residents of the home at gunpoint and that the remaining four assisted or conspired in the plot.

Officers have yet to determine a motive for the robbery, although they initially speculated that the anti-anxiety drug Xanex could have factored into the crime.

On Thursday, San Luis Obispo police teamed up with members of the county sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office to search three homes in the city. The investigators served warrants around 2 p.m. Thursday at homes in the 1500 block of Mill Street, the 1000 block of Oak Street and the 200 block of N. Chorro Street.

They did not release any more details about the investigation.

Earlier this week, Cal Poly administration announced that it plans to conduct an investigation into possible illegal drugs and criminal activity within the football program. Plans are also in the works to test all student athletes for a wider range of drugs.

The District Attorney’s Office has yet to file charges against the suspects in the robbery case, but the five football players are scheduled to appear in San Luis Obispo Superior Court for an arraignment on Aug. 25.

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Shouldn’t you get a warrant and search their houses BEFORE you let them out on bail?

Yeah. That’s pretty much the point I was trying to make in my post (below) on Aug. 15 at 12:41 pm.

Considering that I hear that any student can go to the health center and probably get a prescription for Xanex… I find that this is not very likely the target…

STUDENT: “Hey, I just used my last extra strength aspirin… lets go strong arm a fraternity!”

I would suspect that they might wish to look for the typical drugs of choice for that age group/

Actually not so much any more. My sources say both Xanax and Adderal are very difficult to come by, now requiring an evaluation by a psychologist in addition to a physician that prescribes. Frats are notorious for drug dealing. They have all the tools; money, secrecy, networking. If you want to meet for coffee I’ll tell you a true story about frats and drug dealing that will blow your mind.

Al Moriarity and these characters – Cal Poly Football a proud tradition of ……..

I have a theory as to how this will all unfold. Their attorneys will claim As “student” ;-) athletes they are under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform not only on the field, but in the classroom ;-) as well. As such, they felt the need to take Xanex just in order to keep up with the “regular” students who most likely came from privileged backgrounds.

The attorneys will also claim that “student” ;-) athletes should also be paid because of all the revenue they generate for the university.

In other words, despite the armed robbery, and despite the possible drug use…THEY are the victims.

When all is said and done, they will move on to the NFL where they can commit more serious crimes while making $millions.

Case closed.

Calpoly has had 3 football players in the nfl in the past 100 yeqrs, and none have made millions. The kid with the gun will end up in jail – we aren’t talking about the SEC here.

Very few college players “move on to the NFL”, and very, very few from Poly.

I’m wondering how these misfits even had the grades to get into Cal Poly.

The machine of justice runs slowly when run properly. This is still a hot issue with many, much too hot to just throw around search warrants all willy-nilly.

How about we let the cops and the school screw up the investigation BEFORE we have them pilloried for screwing up the in


The arrests were made on Sunday, but the search warrants weren’t issued until Thursday. Looks like that gave the occupants of those houses up to four days to sanitize their residences of any incriminating evidence.

Or am I missing something here?

Good point.

I wonder if their status as student athletes had anything to do with the delay? If so, shame on SLO DA & PD.

Yeah, you would have thought the police would have gotten a search warrant for the Fraternity house.

Why bother? The frat boys daddies’ lawyers are all over it. Not going to find anything. Those dumb enough to try to pull this off probably dumb enough to leave evidence around 4 days later.

Sounds almost like you feel you don’t/didn’t have a daddy that would stand up for you … but wish you did.

Sounds almost like Gsan has the off topic daddy issues, but wished he did not.

Something about pointing fingers and feeding trolls.

Define “stand up for”. If you mean raise a stupid, spoiled punk I guess I didn’t have a daddy that would “stand up” for me. Outside of that I have a great dad.

Did they ever serve a search warrant on Geoffrey Hyde, who wanted to or was selling Xanax, but was never charged?

First thing I thought of. But then the whole robbery idea wasn’t the smartest move to start out with so maybe they are dumb enough to leave evidence in the homes for 4 days. Might as well check. Give me 4 days and the evidence is long gone.

Obispan, I agree with the “Might as well check” thought from the police standpoint, but the timing just seems to be a bit tardy. Those players probably didn’t have lawyers before their arrests, but almost certainly did immediately following their arrests. Experienced defense lawyers might immediately advise their clients to purge themselves and their residences of anything that could damage their defense. And they had up to four days to do just that.

They are ready to turn pro!