Arroyo Grande City Council should bow out of the parade

September 25, 2014
Mike Brennler

Mike Brennler


Please allow me to weigh in on the Steve Adams, Teresa McClish and Tony Ferrara fiasco, as it relates to the upcoming Harvest Festival.

It is clear that there are many Arroyo Grande residents who are disgusted with what they perceive as unethical behavior and actions from their city leaders. There have been some who have suggested protesting against their city council and city manager by creating a scene at the Harvest festival, specifically during the parade.

I understand the people’s frustration with their government and personally, I believe their frustration is reasonable and well founded.

My suggestion however, is that there should be no vocal protest in form of catcalls, booing or gestures against Adams, Ferrara, et al.

The festival is about promoting the community, the businesses and the good people of Arroyo Grande, particularly the children.

My suggestion to the city council is, given the circumstances, why don’t you sit this one out, so as to avoid such a scene. But if you do parade yourself, I would suggest the people simply register their discontent by averting their eyes or turning their back to attend to their children.

After the politicians pass, everyone can return to clapping and cheering like there is no tomorrow, especially for the children’s entries, the vets, and the marching bands, because that is what the festival is really about.

Once the festival has concluded you can exercise your political fervor in form of organizing, voting the rascals out and returning your community to the citizens.

Given the restraint and professionalism shown by the Arroyo Grande Police during this past week, I am sure they would agree with my assessment and suggestion.

I wish your Festival much success.

Mike Brennler is a retired police officer and the former mayor of Atascadero.

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JIm will be IN the parade tomorrow…just before the fire trucks at the end. How ’bout lots of loud cheering as he goes by!

That sends a better message than booing the current officials.


Now that Jim Hill is going to run for AG mayor as a write-in candidate, this is a classic opportunity for people to chant his name as Tony the Fringe rides by in the Harvest Festival parade.

Can you imagine the look on Tony’s face as the crowd chants “Jim Hill ! Jim Hill ! Jim Hill !” as Tony rides through the whole parade route?



For those of us that missed the parade

uPDATE please.


Mike, I think your suggestion for the mayor, city council and city manager to not attend the harvest festival is a great idea. It will save the people of AG a from having to be reminded about AG’s Nookiegate scandal and cover up, and perhaps give the city council and Adams a few days to reflect on the harm they have done to the city and its residents.

They have much to be ashamed of, and perhaps having time alone, while everyone else is enjoying the festival, will help them in figuring out how to heal the damage they have done to the city and its residents.

However, I think it would take a herd of stampeding elephants to keep them away from such an ego-gratifying event.

But I thank you for recommending it, anyway. It is good to remind folks what would be the best for the city, and makes it clear that they are just not into what is best for the city.


Watch for signs in the village tomorrow!

We have a write-in candidate for Mayor!!




Water bottles with stickers on them as a campaign tool along the parade route cannot be beat!


Look at Ira’s bike shop and Ralph and Duane’s, so far they are the only ones who are allowing the signs.

You are asked to spread the word and tell people they MUST WRITE IN physically


Let’s get the word out and replace the old with someone new


A silent show of disrespect will be more powerful than booing, let’s follow Mike’s suggestion.


While I agree and concur, I do not think the Harvest Festival is mostly about “the children” – I would think it should mostly be about harvests.

Nice piece, overall, sir. Thank you.


It my not be all about ” the children” it will be showcasing ALOT of our children. please show decorum. and teach our children how to protest with aggression


without aggression. ( I really do hate autocorrect)


What have we done so far that would make you even think we were going to use aggression I would love to know.

We thought about Booing big deal, did you think it was going to be physical aggression?

Maybe we are tired of the aggressive way the mayor Tony Ferrara is running this city and you should be too.

Your comment was unnecessary casappleton, you must be a Tony fan


dog….first off I don’t believe in hiding who I am. #2. nothing gave the impression there would be violence…I simply alluding to the possibility. there could be violence. I believe that Tony and the rest of the councils yes that means Grover as well need to all go to jail