Arroyo Grande City Council should bow out of the parade

September 25, 2014
Mike Brennler

Mike Brennler


Please allow me to weigh in on the Steve Adams, Teresa McClish and Tony Ferrara fiasco, as it relates to the upcoming Harvest Festival.

It is clear that there are many Arroyo Grande residents who are disgusted with what they perceive as unethical behavior and actions from their city leaders. There have been some who have suggested protesting against their city council and city manager by creating a scene at the Harvest festival, specifically during the parade.

I understand the people’s frustration with their government and personally, I believe their frustration is reasonable and well founded.

My suggestion however, is that there should be no vocal protest in form of catcalls, booing or gestures against Adams, Ferrara, et al.

The festival is about promoting the community, the businesses and the good people of Arroyo Grande, particularly the children.

My suggestion to the city council is, given the circumstances, why don’t you sit this one out, so as to avoid such a scene. But if you do parade yourself, I would suggest the people simply register their discontent by averting their eyes or turning their back to attend to their children.

After the politicians pass, everyone can return to clapping and cheering like there is no tomorrow, especially for the children’s entries, the vets, and the marching bands, because that is what the festival is really about.

Once the festival has concluded you can exercise your political fervor in form of organizing, voting the rascals out and returning your community to the citizens.

Given the restraint and professionalism shown by the Arroyo Grande Police during this past week, I am sure they would agree with my assessment and suggestion.

I wish your Festival much success.

Mike Brennler is a retired police officer and the former mayor of Atascadero.

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Mr. Holly

Big Tony may show everyone that he is still in charge. I wouldn’t put it past him to be driving the lead car in the parade, a large convertible, with Steve Adams and Teresa McClish in the back seat drinking tea and waving to everyone. Of course the car would be flying American flags and signs declaring vote for Tony.


That’s your fantasy, mine is they are hit with a barrage of rotten tomatoes as everyone turns their backs and drops their pants.

Mr. Holly

I was trying to generate the opportunity for that.


Their egos are way to overblown, they would never consider not playing the bighots part


Your post would make much more sense, if it made sense.


I think what they were trying to say is….the council’s. egos are so big that it will not keep them from attending the parade


How about I say it this way…. The city council still thinks they did nothing wrong and so in their minds there is no reason not to be in the parade. You may say they might drop out just “For the good of the city”, if they even considered that statement in July instead of what was good for the city manager we would not even be talking about this now.

Once again, the city council doesn’t think they did anything wrong.


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it.

You can tell the horse’s ass they are wrong but you can’t make them believe it.


Oh my everyone, you are upsetting MF who is a huge cheerleader of your mayor Tony, and our mayor Jamie Irons of Morro Bay.


Hmmmm! Hanky Panky? My concern above meeting at the office and maybe inappropriate behavior is the comment that the went back to the office to sober up. Who paid for thier alcohol? Tax Payers? AUDIT AUDIT AUDIT.


Good point….I’d like to know who paid for their alcohol.


lets get a following for getting rid of these inept underqualified council members and especially the Mayor. The Mayor is just there to give away tax dollars to his political allies, which is illegal. Think Sanitation Scandal, Think Verdin Water Conservation Marketing Contract, Think Nick Thompkins City Hall purchase, etc. CORRUPT.


If they do show up, rather than boos and catcalls how about everyone turning their backs as they pass. That would be a powerful statement.


I think turning our backs is strong statement, a necessary statement, and one that would

have an impact on the politicians and the rest of the crowd.


im hoping for a longshot across the board resignation announcement from all of them tomorrow……


Your chances are much better for winning the lottery.


If exhibiting juvenile behavior gets you off, so be it.


The people exhibiting juvenile behavior were the ones who got into this mess to begin with. Like high school kids sneaking around in their parents spare-bedroom.


You don’t suppose they’ll be hanging their head’s in shame, and oblivious to all of us do you?

Well, the should!


HI agag1 I added some more comments to my original post. I am sending the entire

letter to the City Council and the mayor. Any word on the plan for Saturday????


Excellent article once again LeAnn keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the next council meeting.


Come to Red Dirt Coffee Shop Fri morning 9-10 am


People who work can’t make that meeting.


Damn! I have to work

Can someone fill us in…..


Like coffee? Come to Red Dirt Coffee Shop, Fri 9-10am


New plan! Coffee at Red Dirt 9-10am Friday. Wear black..again!


Excellent opinion article Mike. I think there will be still a few

who will express their feelings verbally if the city council decides to represent

themselves at the parade, You can’t blame them. I cannot believe how Adams

and McClish are still allowed to show up for work and not placed on leave.

And so we wait until the next round of information is made public.


Registered AG voter?


No matter how much it’s discouraged there will be those shouting out catcalls, booing & gesturing against Adams, Ferrara, et al if they participate in the parade. Your idea of sitting this one out is the only guarantee of preventing it. Wisest decision: they need to stay home that day.


Thank you Mike, great suggestion, I think we should show in force and just turn our backs. It would be great if EVERYONE there would do the same.

I do think that is probably the best thing since feelings are so raw and emotion so high. I still would like us to gather by the announcer and turn in unison all wearing black.


Great suggestion if EVERYONE would participate ONLY in this one act of disapproval. There will be the unintelligent acts Mike mentioned sprinkled along the parade route. Wisest choice for them and the kids and adults there to enjoy the day is for them to stay home.


Black is the new uniform of AG residents…continuous support!


I loved the German Shepherd dressed as a police officer at the fish fry, show your support in any way you can.