Arroyo Grande City Council lied to the public

September 10, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrara

Mayor Tony Ferrara


In the Arroyo Grande City Council meeting of Aug. 26 the Council unanimously agreed to a hold special session regarding the Steve Adams/Teresa McClish affair.

The video of the Aug. 26 meeting confirms that fact. It is important to understand that council member Tim Brown made the distinction about a review of the facts of the matter as compared to any closed session related to personnel discipline.

The council agreed to schedule the special session. Ferrara stated he had conflicts and the matter was eventually rescheduled to the regular meeting of Sept. 9.

When the agenda for Sept. 9 was published there was no time scheduled for the special session as promised on Aug. 26.

There was a schedule for a closed meeting with allotments for a performance review of Adams and a labor relations matter with the police. It became obvious from the posting of the agenda the “fix” was in to avoid a discussion of the matter as promised.

The schedule for the closed session was at the very end of the meeting of Sept. 9 — a typical tactic to run out the time so citizens would be inclined to not attend because of the lateness of the issue.

Nevertheless, two citizens spoke during the regular public comment at the beginning of the meeting expressing their concerns that the promise of an open discussion of the matter was not on the agenda as promised on Aug. 26.

But here is the reason why the council was wrong in not addressing the mater in an open session:

At the beginning of the closed session Mayor Tony Ferrara asked City Attorney Timothy Carmel to state the reason for a closed session as compared to open session.

In responding to Ferrara’s request, Carmel gave the “personnel” confidentially rationale as an answer — as it addresses what the council does in disciplining Adams.

Carmel’s parsed the matter. His answer denies the issue of the cover-up by parsing the issue from a review of the facts of the matter, as promised in the meeting of Aug. 26, to the personal discipline of Adams. Carmel’s answer avoids the larger question of implied guilt caused by the cover-up.

In condoning this false rationale by Carmel and by denying the open session on the matter as promised on Aug. 26, I believe Mayor Ferrara and the council have lied to the citizens of Arroyo Grande.

Otis Page is a citizen of Arroyo Grande.


Would this situation be handled the same way if the two city employees involved were, let’s say–a mere maintenance worker and his/her supervisor? A parks and rec employee? A lowly custodian? A patrol officer and his/her supervisor?

Would the council still question the police officers’ accounts if it weren’t some city management “higher-ups”involved? I doubt it.


Not a chance. Matter of fact consider that Ferrara was/is the director of the Sanitation Districts board. He took part in initiating the investigation into the Sanitation Districts former Shift Supervisor and lab director who allegedly were conspiring against his pal Wallace. Facts were manipulated, information was redacted off vital documents to make it look like the employees were the dishonest and they were terminated. The investigator Ferrara hired is Rich Thomas Workplace Investigations out of Ojai Ca. Why didn’t Ferrara hire Mr Thomas in this instance, however did when he was adamant about firing two honest individuals who would have exposed him for what he is, a hot tempered liar who is will stop at nothing to cover his tracks and protect his empire & friends.

Id also like to point out as City manager Adams is subject to if not largely responsible for assuring that the city staff is trained and competent under modern laws and regulations. This in fact covers substance abuse and identifying individuals who may indulge in such activities. Its common knowledge at the high school level mind you that drinking coffee or tea will NOT make a intoxicated person sober. Additionally are the following paragraphs below from a database dealing with substance abuse facts.

“Coffee or tea can affect your drunken state by tricking your mind into thinking you’re close to sobriety. It turns out the caffeine is a stimulant, which can make you feel like you’re ready to handle certain potentially dangerous activities — like driving.

But beware! If you’re drunk, coffee can’t actually prepare you to get behind the wheel — it’ll only make it harder to realize you’re sloshed.”


If the People of Arroyo Grande Allow Any of these Current members of Council,to retain their office You just as Confused as they are about right and wrong, What kind of a example is this to kids kids of Arroyo Grande, This IS NOT THE CITY I Grew up in ,attend schools in..

Someone needs to take the lead now to Run these Hacks out of office, the Mayor Should resign, He is just as guilty as anyone, if your open & honest there is no need to hide the facts..

Did You people Know your councilmen get paid? If you were running a business would you hire any of them ??? Boo them hell throw fruit at em.. Sickos


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me thousands of times, shame on me (the electorate).


Someone needs to lead a campaign to oust Ferrera and Costello!

Without Tony, Adams just melts away just like the wicked witch of the west.

I’m melting. I’m lying.

It’s time to uproot Ferrara just like those precious eucalyptus at the police station.

PLEASE do not let this slide away mr Page

Mr. Holly

Luckily it’s an election year and the voters in Arroyo Grande due have a chance to express there displease and disgust with their elected officials.

This proves that change is good if not necessary.


It is too late for anyone to get on the ballot to challenge Ferrara, Running as a write-in would require a massive and very expensive voter education campaign to even have a chance of success. I don’t know of anyone with that kind of money and a willingness to gamble it on the CHANCE to cleanup City Hall. Do you? (I wonder if the delay in dealing with this scandal had anything to do with the filing deadline for candidates? Is Tony F that smart or was it just coincidence?)


Tim Brown better speak up if he wants to get elected. The Council ignored his public desire for this to be age sized

Mr. Adams…. It is time to resign.

Reality Check

The decision of the Council not to conduct an independent investigation of the suspected misconduct of two senior staff, leaves a taste of scandal and cover up running strong and unrequited.

This lack of appropriate investigation and transparent resolution:

+leaves the employees accused of misconduct under a cloud of suspicion and scandal;

+ casts the Mayor, City council and City Attorney in suspicions of engaging in a cover up;

+ leaves the police officers who arrived on the scene and reported their findings embarrassed by the City Manage and City Council tacitly accusing them of false reporting;

+ leaves the rest of the City staff in morale destroying, hostile work environment of fear, if they speak out and / or question why fraternization is ok for some and not for others;

+ leaves the public disillusioned and distrustful of the City Council, Mayor and Senior City employees..

I can’t help but think of the embarrassment of the families of the two employees embroiled in scandal. This scandal won’t go away, especially now that the City Council and Mayor have failed to use due diligence in carrying out their duty to the public.

The Public has no reason to trust it’s leadership when no proper and independent investigation was sought; 80 minutes of the video tape of City Hall for the date in question has gone missing; and the police officers have their integrity in reporting the incident called into question without the ability to have an investigation; and the two accused of misconduct will have their ability to lead their staff and the community compromised and questioned.

Mayor and City Council —- VERY BADLY handled!!!!


BRAVO reality check very well stated.


unfortunately it will get swept under the run…too many folks don’t seem to care or are not will to take a stand against the council or city as they have to do business with them or own a home in the city and fear retribution…the council knows this / TONY knows this


Well stated Mr. Page. And unless the citizens stand up and fight for an investigation this will go under the rug.


I KNOW the council and the mayor lied to us, and I didn’t expect anything else from them sadly enough.

Maybe at the harvest festival as the council goes by we should all just stand there and BOO them.

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