Attempted murder suspect met victim online

September 11, 2014
Timothy John Hayes

Timothy John Hayes

A San Luis Obispo man who allegedly assaulted a 27-year-old woman he met on a social media site, is now also charged with attempted murder.

After meeting online, Timothy Hayes, 33, and his victim dated for two days before he allegedly bound her with tape and then assaulted her with a knife, scissors, a pool que, and burned her with kitchen utensils Monday evening.

After two hours of allegedly being tortured, the victim was able to loosen her bindings and escape from Hayes’ home on 500 block of Jeffrey Drive. She then drove her car to the Chevron Station at 151 Santa Rosa and hid until police arrived.

Police said, based on Hayes behavior, that he was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of the attack. Workers at a nearby home told police they had noticed Hayes meandering naked in his yard several times during the day.

Officers booked Hayes into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of torture, criminal threats, kidnapping, mayhem, domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon. His bail is set at $1 million.

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fishing village

Stories like these break my heart. I wish the woman as well as can be and the beast who assaulted her a long stay in the big house!

JB Bronson

Bilu is funke. Comes on the news and with a straight face says what he typically says: “My client is innocent. You haven’t heard all the facts. The rest of the details will surprise you and my client will be found not guilty”.

Spoken with the conviction of a paycheck.


Lock him up forever.. Damit men start acting right… Men you can not act like this it’s NOT OK! … One good thing he will be in jail awaiting trial.


What a terrible thing.

I agree with all on this thread about the “social media” sites. It’s mind boggling to me why anyone would want to meet anyone based upon perception.

I miss the old fashioned way of meeting someone of the opposite sex. “Courtship”.


Yeah because nothing like this ever happened before social media, back in those good ol’ days that never existed. You can actually often find out a lot more about a person via written communications.


What does it mean when a woman meets someone online and then puts herself in a situation where no one knows where she is and she knows nothing about the man? It is called self-sabotage. It is also defined as risky behavior. Several mental disorders that are treatable show this as manifest behavior. A woman does not always cut herself or starve herself to abuse herself….sometimes she puts herself in situations where someone else does it for her. This can include assault in an elevator, by the way. It only becomes really strange when she ends up defending the man or standing up for him. This can happen in court too, by the way.


With the proliferation of social media, meeting online is a lot more common and mainstream now. Definitely a cautionary tale about safety for women, but I wouldn’t go so far as to read into the victim’s motivation.


Neanderthal, party of one?


How about Neanderthal and Neanderthaliss.. Party of two?

Btw Mary, no such thing as a “Neanderthal”. In theory, yes. Being a “Supposition”.

In reality, no.

Just the sinfulness of two human beings.


These are just facts out of a psychology text folks.

I heard a funny thing on the news the other day: “This just in….someone in the US takes responsibility for their actions”. Even the woman has a part in this….and ignoring danger and taking risks is not a big part-but no one is ever entirely a victim. Read the book “The Gift of Fear”….really good. Not that many of you read, I am sure….not to be insulting but it is easy to tell.


au contraire, Mon Ami indigo, many of your fellow posters happen to be well read, and some have experience, maturity, education and command of literature, not to mention positions of significance or success, WAY beyond what you might imagine.

Read beyond the sometimes casual comments and remember the insightful comments before you pan your fellow posters. We’re possibly brighter and broader than you can “tell”.


“Dates for 2 days”, or “had sex for 2 days”?


What are you suggesting ml1999? Does it matter? Either way it doesn’t give him the right hold her against her will and assault her with various objects!